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November In Trout Country

November In Trout Country

Well today is the first day of November and Main street has a lot more trucks pulling  horse trailers and side by side then it does drift boats. As I sit here and eat what’s left of the Halloween candy I can’t help but wonder what now. November can be a hard month for the trout angler. It seems too early to hang up the waders and hibernate next to the fire. But on the cold days afield you can’t help but feel like someone at a party that has over stayed their welcome. November still has some fishing to offer and with most of the outdoor force looking to fill their freezers one can find plenty of solitude on the water. The key to fishing in November is planning. Everything from where to fish, what to fish and what to wear needs to be thought about before hitting the water. Brown trout will be finishing up with their annual spawn and will soon be heading into their winter haunts. Now is the time to start concentration on the deep slow pools that provide a warm easy living for a trout. Speaking of warmer water, as an angler I try to seek out the warmest water I can find. Below Hebgen dam is a great example of this with water temperatures usually  8 degrees warmer than they are around Ennis. I keep it pretty simple with my fly selection this time of year Worms, Prince nymphs, Lightening bugs and Midges should pretty much do it. Dry fly anglers can still get in on the action with midges and blue wings hatching on the warmer day. Dressing appropriate is the real key to success and its all about layers. Wool socks are a necessity you will never be warm if your feet aren’t. Good base layers with fleece pants and wool shirts are also pretty clutch. Top it all off with a good windproof/waterproof outer jacket and stocking cap and you should be good to go. I guess what I’m trying to say in this chocolate induce rambling is all hope is not lost and there is still time to get out and catch some fish.

If your heading up to fish the Madison make sure to stop by the shop and we can help outfit you with what you need to have a pleasant day on the water. There may not be any candy left but there is always hot coffee.

Justin Capps Posted by Justin Capps Passionate Fly fisherman and outdoorsmen. 

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