Madison River below Varney
April 17th, 2023

A Few Things to Look Forward to for the 2023 Fly Fishing Season

A Few Things To Look Forward To by Jim Bob Terry   As I’m sitting here in The Tackle Shop on April 15h  I’m also daydreaming of and looking forward to some great dry fly fishing soon to come. While we’re still a ways out from throwing big Salmonfly patterns or drifting hoppers against the […]

-John Way
Two women sit in a boat speaking to one another as they foat down a river during a trip with The Tackle Shop.
April 7th, 2023

Fishing Report for the Madison River 4-7

Nice Spring Weather on the Way for the Madison Spring is finally on the way here in the Madison Valley. Today it is over 50 and a string of nice days is in the forecast. This means only one thing.  Good spring fishing is on the horizon. Get it now while we have some spring. […]

-John Way
March 24th, 2023

Aquatic Invasive Species in Montana

AIS In Montana And The Laziness Of Mankind by guide Jim Bob   A recent report published by Montana F.W.P showed 10 new detections of aquatic invasive species (AIS) in 10 separate bodies of water across Montana in 2022. AIS such as New Zealand Mud Snails, Flowering Rush, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Curlyleaf Pondweed, and Fragrant Waterlily […]

-John Way
Lush green grass and trees surround a winding Montana river with smaller tributaries.
March 11th, 2023

Fishing Alone in the Crowded West

Fishing Alone In The “Crowded” West By Jim Bob Terry Spend more than an hour in the local watering hole of any popular fishery and soon enough you’ll hear something to the extent of “this river is too damn crowded” from a visiting angler. While he or she might be right that the more popular […]

-John Way
Guide trip on the Madison
March 3rd, 2023

The What, When, and How of booking your fishing trip 

The What, When, and How of booking your fishing trip  By Jim Bob Terry Going out with a Montana Fly Fishing  guide is pretty great…. It can take the confusion out of new water, solve the “no boat” problem, take the legwork out of the day, and even grow your list of bad jokes. Overall, […]

-John Way
Brown Trout Release
January 30th, 2023

Get your Gear Ready for Spring Fishing

Get Ready for Spring Fishing Now   The glory days of spring fishing in Montana are not that far off and now is the time to start to prep.  Before you know it, April will be here and all will be floating wild Montana Rivers in search of heafty browns and rainbows.  Your first outing […]

-John Way
Winter rainbow
January 24th, 2023

Fishing Report for January 25 2023

MidWinter Fly Fishing on the Madison Mid winter fly fishing can be a fickle thing.  Weather is everything.  Find a nice day above freezing with a little sun and little wind and you are golden.  Finding these days are rare in the Madison Valley but they do exist. Some Good Days on the River On […]

-John Way
Guided float trip
January 12th, 2023

Float vs. Wade for your First Trip to Montana

Float vs Wade for your first trip to Montana.   Well, you have done it decided to book your first trip to Montana.  You have read stories for years about fabled waters, large wild fish and endless adventure.  You have decided on a river and an outfitter now you need to decide if floating or […]

-John Way
Varney from air
December 6th, 2022

The Best Time of Year to Fly Fish in Montana

The Best time of year to fly fish in Montana Everyone knows the old saying. When is the best time to fish?  When you can get here.  It is true most any time of year a person can catch fish in Montana.  With that being said Montana is a huge state and has tons of […]

-John Way
Hank with a lake run brown
October 4th, 2022

Fall Fishing in the Madison Valley

Fall Means Great Fishing on the Madison River By Hank Kuntzelman One thing our clients always seem to ask us is when is the best time for Montana Trout Fishing? Our answer every time is “spring and fall”. The Madison Valley is truly a special place in fall. Colors change, fair weather fisherman leave, and […]

-John Way
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