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November In Trout Country

Well today is the first day of November and Main street has a lot more trucks pulling  horse trailers and side by side then it does drift boats. As I sit here and eat what’s left of the Halloween candy I can’t help but wonder what now. November can be a hard month for the trout angler. It seems too early to hang up the waders and hibernate next to the fire. But on the cold days afield you can’t help but feel like someone at a party that has over stayed their welcome. November still has some fishing to offer and with most of the outdoor force looking to fill their freezers one can find plenty of solitude on the water. The key to fishing in November is planning.

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A look ahead to November.

While most of the outdoor activities this time of year revolve around one question “ Did you get your elk yet?” the savvy fisherman knows this might just be a great time to land a really large fish.

Montana weather is crazy. The second half of September and the first few weeks of October were below normal in temps and even the first permanent snow on the mountains. Now we are in what many call extended Indian summer with highs in the 50’s. If this weather pattern continues it means two things. First hunters are going to angry and second, fisherman will love it. Our extended autumn has given us a bonus season. 

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