September angler

September Fun on the Madison River

The Madison is in Great Shape

The flows on the Madison are in great shape and the leaves and grass is just starting to turn colors.  Fall is in the air and now is the time to get out and fish.   Good weather on the horizon with extended summer temps and cool nights.  This makes it just perfect for fishing.  Dry fly fishing is still strong especially in the afternoons, streamers are heating up and the nymph game will keep you into fish.


Hoppers and Ants

If your looking for that last big dry fly day now is the time.   Who knows how long this will last.  Right now they are still eating hoppers and ants especially in the afternoon.  Gone are the dink fest and now you will go longer between strikes but it is mostly good fish looking up.  We have been fishing pink or purple hoppers in the smaller size along with a red ant trailer.  Most fish are on the ant but a few big heads will look for the hopper.  Use 4X for everything on top and you will see your strike number go up.   Thin to win.

Streamers and other Sinky Stuff

The bunny fur hatch of fall is just getting going..  We have been getting some larger fish to eat the streamer in the morning.  Think olive, natural and black.  They are not in the chase mode so keep it slow.  Sparkle minnows, zonkers and sculpins are the fare of the day.  Fish these on a stout 2X leader.  Slow strip, wait slow strip.  Follow it with a lightning bug and you will double your chances.

The nymph guys and bobber lobbers are still racking up the body count.  Lightning bugs and other shiny tiny stiff will keep you into fish.  A bunch will be whitefish but they give a good pull.  We have been getting more bites with thinner tippet.  They are getting wise out there and the rope of spring will not cut it any more.

Fly Sale

Stop in the fly shop as all flies are on sale for 30% off.  Stock up for next year and fill those boxes while saving some coin.  Spend that money you saved on a beer at the end of the day.  The perfect fall day.

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