June in the Madison Valley

Dropping and Clearing Flows on the Madison River

Flows continue to drop on the Madison River

As the weather stabilizes  the flows on the Madison River are doing the same.   The last few days flows have come down considerably and the river is starting to be fishable from top to bottom.  Currently flows at Kirby Ranch are 2620 CFS and on the drop.  This is down from a high over 4000 just a week ago.   This makes floating possible over the entire river.

Be Careful out there

Even though flows have fallen and continue to do so there is still a bunch of water in the river.  At the current level the low bridges above Palisades are still a danger.  Do not float there if you are not an expert rower.   We always feel that our hard flow number for the low bridges is 2500 CFS and we are still above that. Even at 2500 people get in trouble all the time.  With the high flows obstacles  like the low bridges come at you really fast and correcting movements are short.  If you are not confident with the sticks do not float up high for a little while longer.  Wading is difficult as the high flows make the current really pushy.  Just stay safe out there and be careful.

What to fish?

If y0u are fishing now there are lots of options. Most of our guys have been concentrating on the upper wade section above Lyons Bridge.  At high water the fish are pushed to the banks and the slower water eddies.  Concentrate on these areas.  Most of the time you can fish the soft stuff along the banks without even getting in the water.  Literally the fish are in the first 6 feet of shore.

We have been having the best luck with dark bodied rubber leg stone fly nymphs trailed with a large prince or san juan worm. Remember along the banks is usually not deep.  Move your indicator closer to the fly so you are on the bottom but not getting hung up every cast.   Adjust the weight needed as well.

Some have been having great luck with streamers.  We like the delektable screamer family of streamer during high water.  Keep them slow, deep and in the soft water.

When will salmon flies show up?

Everyone is waiting for the famed salmon fly hatch.  When will it show up.  Our thought right now looking at the 10 day forecast  is we still have a few more days.  We are thinking Tuesday of next week to start to see them.


Get out and fish all the good stuff is just starting.

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Hold on to these for a few more days


Dark bodied rubber leg stone fly nymphs with a big prince or san juan worm trailer.


Delektable screamers, sculpins zonkers. Keep them low and slow.

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