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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 5-28-2015

Fishing Conditions

With all the rain we have been having recently the Madison Rive has some color to it because of the many small creeks pumping. Right now you can see between 12-18 and we feel this is just perfect for targeting bigger fish. This rain is a god send and is filling up our aquifer for the summer season. Lets all hope it makes up for the less than impressive snow pack. Good news for the Madison is that the Dam will be fixed this summer and the lake is almost full. Most of what you going to need to do to stay bent is sub surface. We have been having the best luck with large stone fly nymphs under an indicator. The key is getting them down. If your not touching bottom you need to add some weight. The fish want it in their face. Our best colors have been black, brown and orange bodied stone fly nymphs. Also try the famous San Juan Worm in either the Paris Hilton Pink or traditional Red. For you streamer guys get the big stuff out and fish it. We have been seeing some really big fish caught recently on articulated junk ripped off the bank. Best colors are black, olive and the one and only sparkle minnow. Slow strip off the bank has been most productive. For you dry fly guys look for cloudy afternoons and target rising fish in back eddy's, inside turns and in the slicks behind rocks. We have been seeing a good may fly hatch and the fish will take them. Our best fishing on dry's has been afternoons with no wind. Also the Beartrap area has been seeing more stable dry fly action. A parachute adams, purple haze or BWO will get the job done. There has also been some caddis in the larger size moving about. At first look these look like a stone fly when in the air but are really large caddis. We have been having some luck with small chubbies as well as larger caddis imitations.

Fly Patterns


Parachute Adams 12-16: Purple Haze 10-14: Parachute BWO 12-16: Royal Cubby 10-14: Furminski Caddis 10-16:


Pats Rubber Legg Black, Brown, Orange 6-10: Mega Prince 6-10: Delektable Hurless Grey 6-10: Girdle Bug 6-10: San Juan Worm Pink or Red 8,10: Prince Nymph 6-10: Bead Head Pheasant Tail 12-14: CDC Bead Head Prince 12-14:


Sparkle Minnow Sculpin 6-8: Sparkle Minnow Ghost 6-8: Wool Head sculpin 6-8: Trevors Sculpin Olive 6: Exaspirator Sculpin 6: Shelia 6: Sculpzilla olive, black 4,8: Trash Can Sculpin 8: Zonker 4-10

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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