10 Best Dry Fly’s for June on the Madison River

The 10 Best Dry Fly’s for June on the Madison River.

June in Montana is a special time, not quite summer yet
but not spring.   Sort of an in between
time where you can expect snow one day and 70 and sunny the next.  An epic battle between spring and summer
played out each day with the soundtrack of some of the best and most prolific
hatches of the year.  Legendary hatches
like salmon fly’s, golden’s, caddis and PMD keep hungry fish looking to the
surface for their next meal.

Chubby Chernobyl—The do anything stone fly hopper,
attractor.  I carry these in June in
sizes 4-10 with a orange body for salmon fly’s.
I also carry these in size 8-12 with a yellow body for golden’s as well
as my favorite a royal chubby in sizes 8-14 to represent anything under the

Rogue Foam Stone Fly– This is the perfect imitation of a stone fly.  Have it in your box in June in size 6&8
with orange foam body for salmon fly’s and in size 10-16 with a yellow body for
golden’s and yellow sallies.

X Caddis Tan— While most people recognize the larger
stone fly’s sometimes the fish are hungry for the millions of caddis that also
hatch.   The X Caddis with the trailing
shuck represents an adult just emerging from the film and the fish can’t get
enough.  Have them in size 12-16

Parachute Adams– The perfect all around may fly imitation.   Use this in size 10-16 to represent almost
any mayfly on the water.

Purple Haze Parachute—Another great may fly as well as a
general searching pattern.  The purple
color and elk tail make this one of the most fishy flies out there.   Carry it in size 10-16

Bugmeister–  A local Montana favorite first tied by outfitter John Perry in Missoula. I am not
sure if it is the profile or the fish peacock body but fish certainly take
notice.  Fish it in small size 14 for a
caddis and in larger size 10 for a golden.

Hedge Hog Salmon Fly– An old time pattern with multiple elk hair wings.  This is a low rider in the water.   Works great when fish have seen every foam
variation of a salmon fly.  Make sure to
have it with a burnt orange body and in size 8.

Furminski Fluttering Caddis Tan–  An old time elk hair caddis with a foam body.
This thing floats forever.  Best part is
the foam body can be customized with a few colors of sharpie markers to be a
golden, salmon or caddis.  Carry in size

Royal Stimulator— Sort of an old school pattern these
days but still a proven winner.   The
peacock and red body trigger fish looking for a variety of insects.  I carry these in size 8-16.

Goddard Caddis—The goddard or what we like to call “God
Like Caddis” floats like a cork and represents the adult caddis.  I fish these in size 14-18 anytime there are
caddis on the river.

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