October on the Madison River

Mid fall is here and the autumn equinox has passed and we are in the down hill slide to our fishing season on the Madison. The bright colors of the leaves means that the season as we know it is slowly coming to a close. What does this mean in the big scheme of things. Yes there is still some great fishing to be had. In fact the largest fish of the year are always caught in this next month or so. The brown trout are getting all dressed up in their spawning best to match the foliage and soon they will be on the attack.

No other time of the year is more dedicated to the streamer junkie then October. If you love to throw things that look more like a dead rabbit or chicken now is the time to dust off the 7 wt and get after it. The fish are aggressive and looking to attack big chunks of protein to fatten up for winter.

Most guys are doing best the beginning of the month with dead drifting streamers and bead heads. As the month rolls along and gets cooler the fish will get more aggressive and start attacking moving meat. The faster you can twitch and strip the better. Olive, white and black are always the fall colors of choice but if your in the mood try some wild colors you might just be surprised. Yellow is historically good this time of year as well

If you’re a dedicated bobber lobber and want to throw nymphs get after it and you will stay bent. BWO type techie nymphs as well as the standards will all catch fish. Also try yellow egg patterns. There are lots of browns spawning in the river along with the broadcast spawning whitefish this time of year. Lots of eggs floating around and the fish key in on them.

For the dry fly guy there is still hope and some good fishing. Keep throwing hoppers and ants at least the beginning of the month and you will still see fish looking. As we roll along the BWO’s will make an impression on the fish and a rainy non windy day is what your looking for. Usually the wetter the weather the better for BWO’s

It looks like the folks at the dam are content on keeping the river at the current level. Really low and lots of rock and structure sticking up. Many of which are being painted from the passing drift boats. Look for the colorful skid marks on the rocks and no we do not have quartz splashed rocks on the Madison.

Many great end of season deals in the store on all the gear you want. Get your Christmas shopping done early for the fisherman on your list and save some bucks. Guide trips still going out each day all month. If your looking to get on the river one last time for some great fishing give us a call.

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