Tess and a great fish

Mid Summer Madison River Fishing Report 7-19

High Water and Heat and the Madison Continues to Produce

We have seen it all in the last month.  High water, salmon flies, goldens, heat, high winds and now heat.  The Madison River continues to produce every day.  We are now in the mid summer pattern.  We have lots of water to play with on the Madison River.  In fact the powers that be at Hebgan put a little more water in the river. This should help with the water temps and keep them cool. Nothing like water from the bottom of the lake to cool off the river and fish.   Currently the river is fishing well with about every technique you may want to fish.

Hatches and Dry Fly Fishing

Still lots of hatches and dry fly fishing to be had.  Golden stones, yellow sallies, caddis, PMD and even ants are making fish come to the surface.   Our best rig has been a dry dropper set up. We like a small golden stone pattern.  Pick your floating foamie. We like small chubbies or water walkers.   Drop a CDC Prince or jig head may fly nymph off the back about 2 feet.   The fish have moved from the bank and now can be found in the middle. We are having most success on the secondary drop-off about 20 feet off the bank.  Also the mid river gravel bars.  Fish the center and find success.

Bobber lobbers are getting it done big time

If you’r a nymph guy you can get some huge numbers.   Prince nymphs of all make up along with the jig stuff will keep you bent all day.   You may need to sort past a bunch of white fish but a few large browns and rainbow trout will be the reward.  You will not need much weight on your nymph rig.  We like running them free on about 6 feet of leader from the indicator.  A good sized jig nymph with the tungsten  bead will get you down where you need to be.

Streamers are still on the Menu

We have been catching some really big fish on sculpin patterns.  We like the olive sculpins and sparkle minnows.  While you will not get numbers if you stick with it a really large brown trout is in your future.  Dead drift or slight twitch has been the best. If you are lucky and are out when a thunder storm hits throw on the streamer and catch a bunch of them.

Stop by the store for the best fly selection in town.  Free advice and coffee.  Lots of great gear in store and let us spool up a new fly line for you.  Nothing like fishing with a new line.  Changes the entire experience.


Chubbies keep them samller 12-16, caddis we like the x caddis, PMD we like the parachute patterns in a 16, yellow sallies.


Prince nymphs of all shapes and sizes we like the CDC Prince and sparkle prince, jig headed may fly nymphs of all shapes and sizes.


Cone head olive sculpin, sparkle minnow, zonkers, mini loop, trevors

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