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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 9-7-2018

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 9-7-2018

Fishing Conditions

Indian summer is here. While it might be september the fish are still in summer mode. Lots of dry fly action river wide. Remember that the mornings are still a little chilly and the best fishing has been starting around 10:30 and extending to about 5. It takes that long for the river to warm up a few degrees and get the fish moving for the day. It also takes that much sun to get on the hoppers and make them move around and become trout food. If your going have a good breakfast and the Pharmacy and then hit the river and fish right through lunch.As stated the fish are still in summer mode at least for the next week or so. What changes this? Usually about mid month we get an equinox storm that puts the damper on summer and the entire valley goes into fall mode. When this happens the fish make the switch. Long term forecast from the weather guessers say that is still a week or two away so now is the time to get out and fish. After labor day the river gets lonely. Most folks from out of town are now headed back to warmer and more populous states for the winter. This leaves just the true fisherman around. You will have plenty of elbow room and more so as the month rolls along.For the weekend and coming week fish a hopper and dropper in the morning. We have been hanging quite a long dropper. We like about 3 feet of 4X to the dropper. Worms, princes, and ptails are the best as of late. Once the fish start looking up go with two dries. We have been having luck with old school patterns like the H&L variant for a trailer behind a hopper. Fall mayflies are just getting going as well as October Caddis.For those that want to nymph fish get after it. Think tiny and shiny and you can not go wrong. October caddis are starting so throw a soft hackle for the win. Streamer guys are just getting going and that bite will get better by the day. Hang tight it is going to get really good very soon.Lots of great end of season sale items. Stop by the store before your trip and we will get you all filled in. Remember the coffee and friendly advice are always free.

Fly Patterns


Chubbies any color but keep them size 12-16, H&L Variant 12, Para ant 12, Royal Wulff 12, Purple Haze 14, Elk Hair Caddis 12, X Caddis 12, ParaHopper 12, Bugmeister 14, Panty Dropper Hopper 12,


CDC Prince 14, San Juan Worm 10, Wire Worm 12, Gummie Worm 12, Soft Hackle P tail 14, Soft Hackle Hares Ear 12, Sparkle Prince 14, Rainbow Warrior 14,


Trevors Olive 4, Mini Loop 4, Sparkle Minnow 6, Zonker 4, Sculpin the One 4, McCuunes Olive 6, Sculpzilla 6

More Info

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