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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 9-17-2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 9-17-2019

Fishing Conditions

We are in the Betwix and Between time on the Madison River in Montana. Is it fall with cooler temps or is it summer with highs in the mid 80's. If you were around this last few weeks, YES we have seen it all. Should I wear sandals to the river or Orvis Pro Waders and fleece is the daily struggle. The fish are just as confused. Should they be in summer mode of waking up late and eating hoppers and ants mid afternoon, or in the Streamer Eating Fall Mode. They do not even know. The Madison River fish like most Americans do not like change. With things constantly in flux they can be grumpy at times and happy at other times. Very unpredictable. In general the fishing is good to very good. Lots of water in the River right now and fish and fisherman like cold water. Nymph fishing in the mornings and hoppers and ants in the afternoon have been the ticket as of late. The true streamer bite has not started yet and we expect it shortly. The weather is about to give us another dose of fall wet weather and that should make the fish happy. More BWO's more streamers and more feeling like fall. We usually get a defining storm around mid September that really marks the change. After that everything is different. Will that be this one coming this week. Who knows. Keep those streamers and sandals both handy for now. Lots of great stuff on sale in the store. Why not stock up now for next season or buy your Festivus Gifts now. Stop in for the latest info. The friendly advice and coffee is always free.

Fly Patterns


Royal Chubby 14-16, Peacock Chubby 16, Ant Acid 14, Para Ant 14, Power Ant 14, Purple Haze 14, Yellowstoner Hopper 14,


Soft hackle P Tail 12-16, Spanker 14, P tail 12-16, Robo P Tail 12-16, CDC Prince 14, Sparkle Prince 16, Pats Rubber Leg 12, Wire Worm Red 12


Dead Drift Sculpin 10, Mini Loop 4, Sculpzilla 4, Trevors Sculpin 4, Mini Sex Dungeon,

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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