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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 8-25-2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 8-25-2019

Fishing Conditions

If you can not catch fish on dry flies in the Madison River right now you are doing something wrong. The dry fly fishing especially in the afternoons has been out of hand. Anything hopper looking has been getting hammered. This summer along with the epic water we have a hopper invasion like no other. Just walk along the banks and swarms of hoppers will fly up ahead of you. Chubbies and all sorts of foam floating dry flies are keeping people bent right now. Remember every good hopper deserves and ant trailer. The best fishing has been in the afternoons so get a big breakfast at the Pharmacy and then hit the river around noon If you want to chase a bobber and nymph ( you might be crazy ) you can catch fish doing that as well. Worms, princes, lightning bugs and all sorts of tiny and shiny will keep you into fish. If you want to throw streamers do it. We have been having some great luck in the morning with sparkle minnows, white streamers and sculpins. A few big boys to start the day is always great while you wait for the hopper bite to start.

Fly Patterns


Chubbies 10-14, Peach Hopper 12, Panty Dropper Hopper 12, Water walker 12, Ant acid 14, Para Ant 12,


Wire Worm 12, Lightning Bug 14, Prince 14, P Tail 14


Sparkle Minnow white, Sparkle Minnow sculpin, Shelia 4, Mini Loop 4, Trevors 4

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USGS flow information


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