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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 8-08-2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 8-08-2019

Fishing Conditions

Terrestrial season is in full swing and it is a dandy. We are truly having one of the best hopper seasons we have had in years. Hoppers are an excellent source of late season protein, so don't be surprised if one of those elusive Madison river giants comes up for a swipe at your fly. Hoppers of any shape, color, and size seem to be working just fine. Ants are also a must have in the box. We are partial to the cinnamon/black combo, but purple has been working great too. Now is also the time of the year where we start seeing quite a few nocturnal stonefly shucks out on the rocks. Throwing a water walker, chubby, or something else that can represent a terrestrial and a stonefly has worked great in the mornings. Fishing a hopper dropper rig has been the name of the game in the mid morning through the afternoon. Smaller flashy nymphs have been working great to get some of those fish that are stuck on eating sub surface. Try throwing some tungsten jig headed nymphs underneath to help get your fly down faster and deeper from your hopper. Evening caddis hatches have been consistent. Throwing a dry with an emerger behind it has been another excellent way to pick up fish. Streamer fishing has been getting more and more productive. Especially dead drifting a streamer under an indicator. As always stop in the shop for the most up to date fishing conditions and recommendations as well as some of the latest and greatest gear there is to offer.

Fly Patterns


White cloud hopper: 12, Dave's Hopper: 12, 14, White Post Hopper: 6, 8, 10 Arrick's Para Ant (Black/cinnamon): 14,16, LRO para ant (purple, black, cinnamon) : 14,16, Catch Chubby Chernobyl (UV Tan):12, Delektable Chubbyness (UV Olive):12,14, Evan's Baby foam (red, purple, tan): 12,14


Lightning Bug (Gold, Silver, Pearl, Purple): 14, 16,18; Flash Prince (olive, green, yellow): 14, 16, 18; BH pheasant tail: 16,18,20; Lime Juice Caddis Emerger: 14,16, 18; Tung Jig Prince: 14,16; Davies Neo Twenty-Incher: 10, 12


Shiela Sculpin, Telleens Polar Minnow, Sculpin "the one" (natural, black, olive), sculpzilla jr. (White), Mini Dungeon (black, white, cream), Zonker (copper, pearl)

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