5 Fishy Father’s Day Gifts Under 50 Bucks

With Father’s Day approaching we are seeing a steady stream of traffic looking for the perfect gift for the fishing father.   Many of these fathers are already customers and have most of the needed gear for any day on the water.   Also many of the people shopping for Dad do not know what gear he has and what is needed.  It feels like Dear old Dad does not slip in enough  hints leading up to the big day.  So… with all this confusion we have put together a list of some great gifts that come in under $50.

Coffee/Whiskey Combo Holsters:   Here is a great fishy coffee cup with our logo. It is stainless so Dad can not bother washing it for days on end.  Also, a great hip flask from MFC.  These all come with a variety of fish art work with many to choose from.  The combo comes in at a modest $36  and Dad can be ready for coffee in the morning, fishing in the afternoon and whiskey in the evening.   The coffee and whiskey are not included.

The Salmon Fly Box:   The salmon fly hatch is right around the corner and Dad will sure need to stock up on some bugs.   We have made it easy with a salmon fly combo box. It contains all our favorite salmon fly dry’s and nymphs in our signature logo waterproof box.   He will be ready for his day off on the water.  The dedicated salmon fly waterproof box comes loaded for only $49.

New Shades from Sun Cloud:    Sun Cloud makes some really great fishing glasses.  These come in at $49 and come with a carry bag and a lifetime warranty.   Dad could sure use some cool looking glasses to replace those scratched ones he has been fishing in for decades.   Lots of cool fishy styles in stock.

Fish Pond Sushi Roll Streamer Mat:    This is a new product this year and really has been flying out the door.  It is call the Sushi Roll and it is perfect for storing your big articulated streamers.  It rolls up for storage and lies flat for selection of the perfect chunk of meat.  At only $29 this is a steal.  If you have a streamer chucking father this might just be the perfect gift.

Tackle Shop Gift Card:  If your still not sure what to get Dear old Dad pick up a Tackle Shop gift card.  They are available in any dollar amount and are good on anything in the store including guided trips or Orvis Catalog.  Let Dad pick out what he really wants.

Still on the fence about what to get?  Stop by the store and browse our selection of the best fishy gear and clothing around.  I am sure we can help pick out the perfect gift for the fishing father that has everything.  That reminds me I need to pick out a gift myself.

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