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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 7-20-2015

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 7-20-2015

Fishing Conditions

The Madison River continues to fish well thanks to some cooler days and a few showers. This has kept the water temps in the safe range and the fish active. It has been busy out on the Upper Madison with some of the other rivers like the Big Hole and Lower Madison on Hoot Owl. These restrictions are just lifted so we should start to see things a little quiet. The Yellowstone has also been pumping mud frequently so we have been seeing our share of Yellowstone guides making the trip. The cooler weather has been a god send and has breathed new life into the river and probably saved us. The powers that be at the dam have reduced flows this last week some so it is starting to get a little tight in spots. We have been having luck with drys in the morning hours concentrating on the nocturnal stones as well as the caddis spruce moths up high. The bobber lobbers are throwing a variety of stuff and the old bunny and a bead has started its yearly dominance. We have been finding our best fishing from sun up till about 2. Get up early and go fishing, in the afternoon sit in the shade and eat ice cream.

Fly Patterns


Chubby Chernobyl gold 8-12, Chubby Chernobyl purple 8-12, Chubby Chernobyl Royal 8-12, Elk Hair Caddis 8-16, Furminski Caddis 8-16, Purple Haze 10-16, Parachute Adams 12-16, Para Red Foam Humpy 10-16, Bugmeister wine 12, Trinas Yellow sally 14,


Pats rubber leg in olive or brown 8-14, Red copper John 14-16, Serindipity in Red or Olive 14-18, Flash back Pt 14-16, Flash Prince 12-16, FKA Prince 14-16, CDC soft hackle Pt 12-16, Red lightning bug 14-18, CDC Prince 14-18


Mini Loop Olive or Natural, Trevors Sculpin Olive or Natural, Sculpzilla Olive, Natural or Black, Trash Can Sculpin, Zonker Natural, Sculpin the One in Natural or Olive,

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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