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Mother's Day Caddis Update 5-12-2019

Are there caddis on the Upper Madison River?   Absolutely they showed up about two days ago and are popping off at a good pace.  Have we seen the rafts of caddis that is so popular with this hatch this time of year?   Nope not yet.   Is is t a dry fly all day thing?  Not even close.  We have been picking some up on dry flies in the evenings once the sun has gone behind the horizon.  This will change.  Give it a few days.  We are in the start of the hatch now and in a few days things will look better for the dry fly huckers.  

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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 5-10-2019

Well spring has finally showed up in the Madison Valley and we could not be happier.   Temps are forecast to be in the 70 this weekend. 

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The 5 Flies to be Successful during the Mother's Day Caddis Hatch

Each year about this time a great natural wonder happens. A huge hatch of small dark caddis happen on most of the western rivers. These small caddis or Brachycentrus americanus hatch in huge numbers and are the first really big hatch of the year. Some years runoff comes early and the hatch happens without a single fish being caught. But, on other years when the water stays in shape this hatch produces some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. To be successful you only need a few flies and the perfect timing. 

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