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Wednesday Wanderings and other Muddy River fishing Ideas.

Wednesday Wanderings and other Muddy River fishing Ideas.

Wednesday Wanderings and other Muddy River  fishing Ideas. 

This little bout of cold and snow sure threw off the fisherman as well as the weather guessers. I never understood how every weather service forecasts light rain and we end up with more snow on the ground than all winter. How can they be so wrong and continue to keep their job? Either way this bout of heavy wet snow with cool temps is just what the doctor order for the Madison River. 

Obviously the snow and moisture is great but the cool temps are also locking up the remain snow pack in the mountains. This in turn has made the Madison start to turn from nasty brown to something closer to bugger green. If we keep having cooler than normal temps the main river will be back in shape all the way to Ennis Lake in just a few days.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the week. The guessers are saying that we will get back into the 60 and lower 70 for a few days before the next little disturbance comes in over the weekend. Be aware they are saying just light rain and cooler. Sound familiar? Expect to see the main Madison get back into somewhat fishable state if they are right. Pretty typical spring weather for us.

Currently stay up above the West Fork of the Madison for the best chance at greenish water and fish that can see your bug. Remember it is wade only and no fishing out of boats. If you must fish out of a boat start at Lyons bridge and fish to Palisades. When you get in at the bridge you will think the river is striped. The one side coming from the west fork is brown and the other is green-grey. Smart money is stay in the green. It fully mixes about Palisades so a nice half day float will work. On another note the Madison River at Cameron is currently at 2030 cfs. Not high by historic standards but it surely takes a little more concentration on the sticks. When it gets to these level things happen faster. Be especially careful around the low bridges of Sun West and Wolf Creek. These can be dangerous when the water gets high. Play safe out there. No fish is worth it. Is this as high as it will go or will we see some flushing cleaning flows above 3K? I am thinking yes but it is still anyone’s guess. Will they fill the lake from 6 feet below full pool doubt it but stranger things have happened and the spring weather wackiness might just save the bumbling dam managers yet again.

If you must float pound the banks and soft water with bunny fur and big rubber legged stuff. We have been liking olive sculpin streamers. If you’re above the mud and crud the standard stuff of spring will still work. Reports are that techy may fly nymphs and worms are getting the job done. Folks are grabbing gummy worms, as well as the tail water may fly stuff in small size 18 sizes. If you have not seen the newest squirmy gummy worms stop in they are straight out of the bass fisherman’s play book.

Water changes rapidly this time of year so stop by the store for the latest as well as all the worms, nymphs and other flies you will need. Great new gear arriving daily and hot coffee , free river maps and all the BS you can handle are always available. 

John Way Posted by John Way

Guide, Outfitter and chief bottle washer for the Tackle Shop.  Recently developing his inter web ninja skills. 

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