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Fly Tying

                Now that I live in Ennis, MT I get to fish the Madison River as often as I please.  In other words, I’m on the Maddie almost everyday.  The Madison is a bug factory.  There are days when these fish will eat almost anything you put in front of them.  Just the other day my buddy Chad got a 18” rainbow to eat a bright orange hopper.  Fish regularly eat hoppers in late summer, but its only April 27th, further proving my argument that these fish will eat almost anything.  With that in mind, you can imagine how fun it is tie your own fly and test it out.    

Ever since I started fly fishing I’ve wanted to tie my own bugs.  I remember my parents getting me a tying kit for Christmas one year and I was very excited to start tying.  My dad is an engineer and he loves to create his own stuff.  Whether its designing gardens for the back yard or designing a bridge over a river, my dad loves to create his own stuff.  That desire is in my blood and I think that’s why I enjoy tying so much.  So as excited as I was to start tying, the tying kit I got for Christmas sat under my bed for God knows how long.  Like fly fishing itself, tying can be very overwhelming and kind of intimidating.  I had no idea what I was doing so I would rely on fly shops and my parents bank account to support my fly fishing addiction.  A few years down the road, after I started guiding, my dad got me a really nice vise (a Peak vise) for Christmas and at the same time my good buddy and long time fishing friend, Chad Merten, started tying as well.  He and I would sit down and tie up dozens of string leeches.  They were easy to tie and they looked really fishy.  That lasted for several months before we finally decided to challenge ourselves.