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Fishing Report Upper Madison 06/13/16
The flows on the Madison are decreasing each day and the clarity is a solid eighteen inches. Up by the Three Dollar Bridge area nymphing a pats rubber legs through seem lines behind boulders proves to be very effective. The stretches heading towards town have consistently been pulling fish with rubber legs and girdle bugs variants. It looks like the fish are as excited for the up coming golden and..
5 Things Your Friends Expect You to Know About the Salmon Fly Hatch

The Salmon Fly hatch on famous Montana Rivers like the Madison or the Big Hole are almost a state sponsored event and reach near religious devotions.  If your new to fly fishing, Montana or just want to sound cool when sitting at the local bar you need to know a few things about the culture, mystery and fishing of Montana's Hatch.  

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Madison River Fishing Conditions

It is all about to start here on the Madison River.  The flows have tabled off about 2750 cfs at Varney Bridge and you can now see 16 inches into the water.  We did a little recon trip and kicked over some rocks at the 8 Mile Access and we found salmon fly and golden nymphs all lined up and ready for the party.

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May Madison River Montana Newsletter

Monthly newsletter from the Tackle Shop.  

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Fish Like Worms!

During this season of flux on the Madison River when the river looks more like bad fly shop coffee than a pristine blue ribbon stream anglers struggle to find the answer.  With all the rain we have been having the edges of the river are water logged and the worms that live below start to move. 

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Wednesday Wanderings and other Muddy River fishing Ideas.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the week. The guessers are saying that we will get back into the 60 and lower 70 for a few days before the next little disturbance comes in over the weekend. Be aware they are saying just light rain and cooler. Sound familiar? Expect to see the main Madison get back into somewhat fishable state if they are right. Pretty typical spring weather for us.

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Five Montana Fly Fishing Taboos you should Break

Fly fishing has become an almost color by number sport. Go to X spot tie this fly on this leader and cast here to get fish. This myth has been perpetuated by the big gear manufacturers as well as the outfitting and shop industry as a whole

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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 4-26-2016

With the warmer weather the Madison River bumped up and went off color.   It is getting better each and every day with the cooler weather and continues to fish extremely well.   Streamers, Nymphs and the occasional dry fly opportunity.  

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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 4-22-2016

This past week we had some great spring like weather on the Madison River that extends to today.  This nice warm flip flop wearing weather while nice for the fly shop guy actually started some runn off and bumped up the river.  What does this mean for the weekend fishing. 

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April Madison River Montana Newsletter

April Montana news letter from The Tackle Shop on the Madison River.   Great deals and information for fly fisherman.  

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