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June Madison River Montana Newsletter

All the news from the Trout Capital of Montana.   

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River Safety During High Water in Montana

The Madison River along with other rivers in the Montana are all very high right now.  In fact some are getting to flood stage.  With the amount of snow we have in the mountains the current levels are sure to rise even more.   Currently on the Madison River we are sitting at 3560 CFS at Varney Bridge.

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 6 basic nymphs to fill your fly box and catch fish
    A lot of fishing this time of year on the Madison river is done with nymphs and there are a ton of patterns to choose from.  So what is an angler to do? Fly fishing  anglers would love to have a fly box filled with every nymph pattern that they make but lets face it flies are not cheap. Most anglers can't afford to buy every pattern in every size. As an angler one..
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The Importance of Clean,Drain,Dry
Across the nation AIS ( Aquatic invasive species) are threatening aquatic habitats. Lakes,Rivers and streams are threatened by species such as Asian Carp, Rock Snot, Hydrilla and Zebra Mussels. When Boaters and anglers Clean,Drain and Dry their equipment after every outing on the water they can help prevent the spread of AIS. In Montana we are blessed with many amazing rivers to fish all within a ..
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April Newsletter from the Tackle Shop, Madison River Montana
All the news from The Tackle Shop and the Madison River in Montana
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Trip Report:  El Pescador Belize March 2017

This was the second year we hosted a trip to Belize and the fabulous El Pescador lodge in March. Again we were joined on this adventure by a group of friends and anglers. The experience level of the group was all over the map. A few anglers had extensive experience and a few anglers this was there first trip to the salt to chase fish.

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5 Nymphs for Late Winter or Early Spring Fishing

Late Winter and Early Spring can be a great time to  get out and fish.  Make sure these 5 nymphs are in your box when you go.  

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February Fishing on the Madison

While February is the shortest month it usually feels like it takes forever. It is the month football ends and that weekly ritual most of us have had is now gone and we are looking to start something new. 

February Madison River Newsletter

Our February Madison River Newsletter

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A look ahead to November.

While most of the outdoor activities this time of year revolve around one question “ Did you get your elk yet?” the savvy fisherman knows this might just be a great time to land a really large fish.

Montana weather is crazy. The second half of September and the first few weeks of October were below normal in temps and even the first permanent snow on the mountains. Now we are in what many call extended Indian summer with highs in the 50’s. If this weather pattern continues it means two things. First hunters are going to angry and second, fisherman will love it. Our extended autumn has given us a bonus season. 

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