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Five Cure's for the Common After Salmon Fly Blues

Salmon fly season is a crazy time for dedicated fisherman, guides and shop staff alike. The arctic like days are at their longest of the year, fishing late is the norm and taking out with headlamps at 10:30 is common practice to catch the evening rise and make the most of this special time. This leaves all involved drained physically and mentally right when the bulk of the season is still in front of us. Here are 5 reasons to recharge and heal up from the after salmon fly blues. 

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2017 Orvis Outfitter of the Year--The Tackle Shop

We are very honored and humbled to be awarded the 2017 Orvis Outfitter of the Year Award at the Guides Rendezvous this past April.  This is a huge award and a goal of all Orvis Endorsed Operations world wide.  

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Proper Fish Handling techniques
t’s a hot summer day in Ennis Montana and you’ve been on the river all day in pursuit of the mythical 20 inch brown that currently is in your net. This fish has eluded you all day, finally you get the chance to take a picture with it and show everyone just how good of an angler you are. You hoist the fish up, straight arm it towards the camera in hopes of making 20 look more like 24 inches, and ya..
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Our 5 Best Salmon Fly Dries for the Madison River

It is that time of year and everyone is salmon fly crazy around Montana.   People talk in hushed tones at the bars about where the hatch is and where they are eating the dry fly.  Of the thousands of fisherman that try and hit the hatch each year there are an equal number of theories on how to fish the hatch.

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Our Guide Trips have Kicked Plastic

If you have ever been near the ocean you probably have seen the vast amounts of plastic trash floating or washed up on the beaches.   To combat this and try and do our little part to make the planet a better place we have decided to kick plastic on all of our guided fishing trips. 

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Embrace the Girdle Bug

You might know this fly by a bunch of different names such as Pats, Pedro, turd, rubber leg but for the next month or so if you are fishing the Madison River you need to embrace the girdle bug. 

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If you read only one article about the Salmon Fly Hatch on the Madison River Read this one.

Everyone is going salmon fly crazy even though we are still a few weeks away from the main Hatch on the Madison River.  Yes there have been reports of toilet bowl rises and spot hatches of bugs on the Big Hole but the real wave is still some time off for us Madisonites.

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Muddy Water Madness
June has arrived and with it, the high muddy water that fly-fisherman dread. This is typically a time where anglers put their rods away and turn to the vice to restock fly boxes for the coming months. Muddy water tends to scare the average fly-fisherman into thinking "If I can't see the bottom I can't fish!". WRONG! Just because the water is murky doesn't mean the fish have stopped feeding. High m..
June Madison River Montana Newsletter

All the news from the Trout Capital of Montana.   

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River Safety During High Water in Montana

The Madison River along with other rivers in the Montana are all very high right now.  In fact some are getting to flood stage.  With the amount of snow we have in the mountains the current levels are sure to rise even more.   Currently on the Madison River we are sitting at 3560 CFS at Varney Bridge.

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