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High Water on the Madison

High Water on the Madison

Things are big out there and right on the edge of being dangerous.   Those who love to float rivers should take heed that the Madison River is running really high and it is extremely dangerous to float.   Its a true bummer that the scheduled flush of the Madison occurs during the first big weekend of summer.   Both fisherman, recreational boaters and fly shop owners are hurting the lack of good floating opportunities.   The ones that are out there require some skill.  

Each year about this time some unfortunate accident occurs on the Madison.   Weather it is a rookie trying to run the Wolf Creek Bridge when they should not or if it is a salty fishing guide getting to confident big water humbles all of us.  When the water is up things happen so much quicker and getting away from danger takes longer.  The Wolf Creek Bridge pictured is a popular spot for accidents during high water.   Boats just can not fit.   

A few simple rules of the river.   If you are unconfident do not go.  There will be lots of floating this summer no need to start your summer with a wreck.  Low bridges, sweepers and rocks are tricky obstacles that should be shown ultimate respect.   Stay away from them.  If you are in doubt stop in the local fly shop and get the low down before you launch.   Also, remember that life jackets only work if your wearing them.  Stowed in the hatch they are little use when the unexpected happens.   Have them handy and even on during high water, it might look a little dorky but save your life.  

Be careful out there.  

John Way Posted by John Way

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