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Montana Trout Bums Please Support Mt HB5678

Subsidized winter fly fishing trips for troubled Montana Trout Bums or HB 5678 is in front of the Montana Legislature this session and we ask everyone to support this.

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2018 Fly Fishing Season in Photos- Video

 A short video from our guided fly fishing trips on the Madison River and all over Montana from 2018.  If you would like to be in next years video just give us a call.  

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November In Trout Country

Well today is the first day of November and Main street has a lot more trucks pulling  horse trailers and side by side then it does drift boats. As I sit here and eat what’s left of the Halloween candy I can’t help but wonder what now. November can be a hard month for the trout angler. It seems too early to hang up the waders and hibernate next to the fire. But on the cold days afield you can’t help but feel like someone at a party that has over stayed their welcome. November still has some fishing to offer and with most of the outdoor force looking to fill their freezers one can find plenty of solitude on the water. The key to fishing in November is planning.

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Why September Fly Fishing in Montana Should be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

God I hope heaven looks like Montana in September. A prayer I say often and truly believe. Montana comes into its own in September and shows her best self. It has forgot the cold and snow of last winter, the refreshing rains of spring have brought life to the landscape and it has marinated in the summer sun to produce a perfect golden product. The rivers are veins of life flowing through a dramatic landscape. The September Montana I know is as close to perfect as one can imagine.

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The Tackle Shop has again Kicked Plastic on our Guided Trips

We will again be Kicking Plastic on all of our guided trips this year. 

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The Abdication of a Montana Shuttle Queen

If you have floated the Madison River in the last 20 years there is a darn good chance you know the Shuttle Queen Connie Diede or at least you have talked to her on the phone and trusted her with your vehicle. Connie is a shuttle legend in these parts and has owned and operated the largest shuttle company on the river Meadowlark Shuttles.

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High Water on the Madison

Things are big out there and right on the edge of being dangerous.   Those who love to float rivers should take heed that the Madison River is running really high and it is extremely dangerous to float.   Its a true bummer that the scheduled flush of the Madison occurs during the first big weekend of summer.   Both fisherman, recreational boaters and fly shop owners are hurting the lack of good floating opportunities.   The ones that are out there require some skill.  

Fishing High Water Might Just Change Your Life

This is an interesting year for fly fishing. Most of the golden triangle of hallowed rivers in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming has seen tremendous snow pack. This translates to epic high water during the runoff period. Unfortunately the runoff has come late and some of the high water will interfere with historically good fishing weeks across the west. While you week long trip to the promise land might not be what you expect there are options to get into fish during this time. It might make you just love high water and change your fishing life. 

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Show Me Your Whitefish Photo Contest

We love Whitefish and feel they are the most underrated fish in the Madison River and Montana in general.  So, to show the love for the whitefish we are having a whitefish only photo contest this season. 

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7 Months of Winter in the Madison Valley

April 15 marked a very important day for Ennis Montana. Historically it is the day people submit taxes late. But for Ennis this year it is so much more. It marks exactly 7 months of winter. 

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