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Pink is the Color of Spring Fishing

Pink is the Color of Spring Fishing

Pink is the color of Spring

Here in Montana when spring rolls around and old man winter has finally given up his grip on the lower elevation landscape many peoples attention turns to the rivers and fishing. Spring fishing on the Madison River is probably the best kept secret in Montana. Yes the Madison is famous for its summer and fall hatches and thousands make the trek annually but if your in the know the spring is where the real action is. If you venture out into these cold spring waters bring your coat as well as a box full of bright pink flies. 
I have always wondered why bright pink works so well in the spring. Yes the rainbows are starting to spawn and eggs are in the river but statewide pink subsurface yummies keep anglers bent all spring. Is it the bright color that attracts their attention more then the naturals? Or is it that fish just love pink? Weather it the Madison, Missouri or Clark Fork or any of the other great trout rivers of the state throw some pink this spring. Here is a list of my favorite spring pink flies. 
Pink San Juan Worm: The standard for spring fishing in Montana. 

Pink Laser Worm: Everyone knows the pink San Juan. This is the pink worm with attitude. We fish this in size 10 all spring long.

Pink Crystal Meth: If the standard glo bug is eggs over easy Pink Crystal Meth is a 12 egg omelet stuffed with hot sauce. Not sure why this style of egg works better than more realistic styles but it flat out does.

Pink scud with a hot bead: On many of the tailwaters of the state the scud pattern is stock and trade. Here a pink scud with a bright orange bead for added attention. 

Pink Hola Girl: A nice tight bodied may fly imitation for those first hatches of BWO’s but in bright pink. Yes I know BWO nymphs are dull in color but this bright pink variant outfishes them all spring long. 

Pink Czech Nymph: Everyone knows how effective the standard Czech nymphs can be but this spring throw this pink variety especially on the first few days of the first mothers day caddis hatch of the year.

Get out and fish this spring and make sure you have plenty of pink.  

John Way Posted by John Way

Guide, Outfitter and chief bottle washer for the Tackle Shop.  Recently developing his inter web ninja skills. 

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