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The Tackle Shop March Fly Fishing Newsletter

The Tackle Shop March Fly Fishing Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Montana is in a battle between the heavy hand of winter and the more mild weather of spring.  March in Montana can be like that.  One day you are in short sleeves and the following you are in a puffy coat.  Recently, robins, sandhill cranes and even blue birds have been spotted all predicting the eventual winner of this battle. 

Spring fishing like spring weather is constantly in flux.  If it gets too warm the mountain snows melt into the river, if it is too cold anglers are uncomfortable.  The one thing that is constant is the fish are there and they are hungry.  

Our fishing season is upon us.  Morning sweat sessions at the gym are being replaced with drift boats and oars.  More and more trucks are pulling drift boats and less snow-mobiles.  Most evening phone calls start with "how did it fish?" and what are you doing for river lunch tomorrow?   The river is in great shape for spring.  Almost all of the access points are now snow free and the water level is just about perfect.  

New inventory is arriving daily at the store so stop by and take a look at all the new toys for fisherman.   Take a look at our new Orvis H3 rod demo program.  Come and take the most accurate rod ever made for a day on the water. Our canopy replacement project outside the store is progressing and the new canopy should be ready for install in a few weeks.  

The best part about this time of year is the exuberance of hope you see in everyone.  Those who have survived another Montana Winter can see sunny days ahead.  Traveling fisherman are excited to experience the tug is the drug.  Guides and friends who spent the winter in warmer locals are returning daily with smiles and pre-suntanned faces.  It is all coming together here.  All that is needed to make Spring on the Madison perfect is you.   

Spring Guide Trip Special on the Madison River

The first warm days of spring are a special time on the Madison River.  The fish are hungry from the winter slumber, sunshine on your face is welcomed as you cast to fish after fish.  You quickly lose the winter rust as you welcome the afternoon and a hot streamside lunch. The first green grass of spring is visible along the bank, buds are sprouting from the willows and, the welcome call of songbirds long absent for the landscape serenade you. Trying to imagine a more perfect time to fish the Madison is difficult.  
Montana Spring on the Madison Guide Trip Special
$400 for a full day for two anglers. 
Good till April 30 
Madison River News
Snow Pack is still looking good! 

We are well past half way and our snow pack and summer water are looking great.   We currently sit at 125% of average and in fact all Montana Basins are well above average.  Looks like we will have some good water flows and happy trout for the upcoming summer season.    


April and May on the Missouri River

The Missouri River
Montana's Missouri River has been characterized as the worlds largest spring creek.  Consistent flows, tons of biomass in small bugs, large fish and loads of dry fly opportunities.  
While it is not always Vegas in trout stream form it is consistently good especially in April and May.  Midges, Blue Winged Olives and the hoards of scuds that call the river home feed large trout daily.  
We will again be spending a few weeks on the Mighty Mo this spring.  If you enjoy seeing new water and experiencing new fly fishing challenges this just might be the place to start.  Why don't you join us?

Orvis H3 DEMO Rods

Accurate from AnywH3re
No rod has ever silenced all the variables. No engineer has ever found a way to transfer back-cast energy directly into forward accuracy. No angler has ever erased all the doubt from his or her mind. First time for everything.

The most accurate rod ever made will now be available on your guide trip or to Demo for a day on the water.  We have a bunch of H3 rods and  are looking to put them in your hands.   Come and test one to see if you agree.


Great Gear for Spring Fishing
Bank Shot Fly Line

Spring or a start to a fishing trip just feels better with a new line.  Our guides prefer the Bank Shot line for fishing from drift boats on the Madison River.  It has a extra heavy head so you can turn over nymph rigs streamers, and large dries with one back cast.  It might just be the perfect Madison Drift Boat Line.  If you are coming for the trip on the Madison this spring or summer put this on your reel and stack the odds in your favor. 

Orvis Nipper
Possibly the best nipper ever made. Made in the USA of machined 6061-T6 aluminum, These nippers incorporate a piano style hinge that adds mechanical advantage for easily cutting anything from 80 lb to 8X tippet. Replaceable cutter and anvil offer excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. Ergonomic contour for comfort and enhanced function. Type III military-spec anodized. Stainless steel rotating hook-eye cleaner. Comes with lanyard made from fly line . In pewter, midnight, cobalt, moss. Made in USA

The optimism in the store is infectious this time of year.  Our season is in front of us and the living is great.  For the next six months it is game day, every day in trout land.  Fun times are ahead and we look forward to seeing all of you again this season.      

As always if we can help in any way please let us know.      

Good Fishing and God Bless

John & Kayla Way
The Tackle Shop
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Guide, Outfitter and chief bottle washer for the Tackle Shop.  Recently developing his inter web ninja skills. 

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