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May Madison River Fly Fishing Newsletter

May Madison River Fly Fishing Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

Stop what your doing for a moment and think of green carpet of the valleys, the slow retreat in the mountain snow line and the beautiful Madison River flowing in the valley.  With the this last winter's snow and recent rains the Valley floors have turned into almost neon green as it chases the snow away.   Lots of water for Montana this year means happy fish and happy fisherman.   

The  freight train light of the busy season is coming at us  and there is no escape.  We live for this time of year.   Happy fish, lots of moisture and the ability to share it with everyone is what makes us happy.   The town of Ennis gets more busy by the day and soon the full rush of summer will be here.  Have you planned your trip to Montana yet?

New inventory, the guides and some new shop staff arrive daily.  The shop has had a facelift as well as some new display area and is getting chock full of all the great stuff to make your trip to Montana complete.  

Lots of great stuff to see and do in the Madison Valley and we are excited to share it all with you.  

Salmon Fly Time is Almost Here

The miraculous emergence of the big orange bugs of summer are on their way.   Each year giant stonefly's that have lived in the river for 4 years emerge, molt into winged insects and complete the lifecycle that has been going on for a million years.  The byproduct of this natural process is that the fish gorge themselves on the aquatic insects emergence and the flying adults to a point of craziness.  Those of us who chase fish also take advantage of this.  Welcome to Salmon Fly Madness.   A real condition where fisherman will spend all daylight hours casting large dry flies and chasing bug hatches and fish river wide.   If your a dry fly fisherman you have probably had this condition and look forward to the next encounter.   If your new to fly fishing there are no known vaccine except to come to Montana, get infected, be part of a natural process that dates back to the start of time, catch some large fish on dry flies and live to happily do it again. 
Madison River News
Lots of water for Happy Fish! 

As the snow melts and flows from the mountain tops into the river systems across the state all is good in trout-topia.  Almost all basins in Montana are still above average for this time of year.  Average to above average flows are expected all summer.  We should have a great summer to get out and explore all Montana has to offer.      


Summer on the Madison River

Family Adventure Awaits
The Madison Valley's unbelievable natural landscape is the setting for summer family adventure.  Floats through a glacial carved valley crowned with snow cover peaks and Yellowstone National Park are the perfect setting for great family vacations.  Fish, float, recreate or just connect, summer is just a long cast away, the time is right and we are here to help put it all together.  .  

Summer Availability at Madison Valley Ranch

Montana's premier fly fishing lodge and our great partner The Madison Valley Ranch has some great summer availability due to cancellations.  The 2015 Orvis Lodge of the Year usually has little to no availability during the main season.  Take advantage of this, stay in luxury, eat fabulous food,  and fish with your favorite Tackle Shop Guide all in the same trip.   
Available Dates
July 10-17
August 5-10
August 25-31
A four night, three days of fishing all inclusive package for $3155 per person.  
Don't wait as summer availability at MVR is about as scarce as 30 inch brown trout. Give us a call at the store and we can lock you in on the Montana Fly Fishing Vacation of a lifetime.  


Great Fathers Day Gifts
Tackly Deluxe Fly Box

This might be the coolest fly box on the market.  Self healing silicone ensures a long life and will keep your flies organized for life.  $35 empty or give us a call at the store and for $50 we will ship Dad one filled with a dozen of the best Madison River Flies.   

Orvis Nipper
Possibly the best nipper ever made. Made in the USA of machined 6061-T6 aluminum, These nippers incorporate a piano style hinge that adds mechanical advantage for easily cutting anything from 80 lb to 8X tippet. Replaceable cutter and anvil offer excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. Ergonomic contour for comfort and enhanced function. Type III military-spec anodized. Stainless steel rotating hook-eye cleaner. Comes with lanyard made from fly line . In pewter, midnight, cobalt, moss. Made in USA


The new awning at the store in in place and we are ready for the season.  New staff and merchandise are arriving daily and we are set.   It is going to be a great year in Montana.       

As always if we can help in any way please let us know.      

Good Fishing and God Bless

John & Kayla Way
The Tackle Shop
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