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Madison River Fishing Report 1-25-19

Madison River Fishing Report 1-25-19

Fishing Conditions

The Madison river near Ennis has been pretty slushy the past couple of days. This weekend looks like the thermometer might reach into the low 40's. If this happens the river will clear up and could possibly give anglers a chance to wet a line. Fish will be holding in the deepest slowest water you can find and if you find one there will likely be more in that spot. Nymphing is the name of the game this time of year and you will typically have to fish a spot several times before you get any action. We like to throw a small streamer with a nymph behind it. there not much dry fly action out there but if we see air temps in the mid 40's you could get lucky and see some midges. The best place to fish right now is below Ennis dam. It usually stays open from slush due to the dam. The ice jams that cause "the Gorge" are still below Valley Garden and the gate is closed at Three Dollar Bridge. Reynold pass area can be a good spot if the wind isn't too bad.

Fly Patterns


Giffith Gnats 18-20 Hi Vis Para Midge 18-20 Adams 18-20


Pats Rubberlegs 10-12 San Juan Worms red or pink Zebra Midge 18-20 Delecktable Twinkle 18-20 Silver Lightning Bug 16-20


Zonker 8-12 Flash Fry 8-10 Olive Bunny Leech 8-12 Dude Friendly 10-12 McClunes Olive 8-12

More Info

USGS flow information


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Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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