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Madison River Montana Fishing Report for June 9. 2018

Madison River Montana Fishing Report for June 9. 2018

Fishing Conditions

The bottom is falling out of the Madison and flows are coming down really fast. The flush of last week is over and I am sure the river is as clean and ready to process as any internet juice flush. Squeaky clean and ready to go. The folks at the dam are starting to go into water maintenance mode as the inflows are decreasing. I would expect the outflows from the dam to stay rather constant once they get it down to a good level. The lake is less than 1.5 feet from being full so once it is full what comes in must go out. With the dropping flows means the entire river is fishable and it has dropped to a level that the upper low bridges are passable but still not completely safe. If your new to rowing it might still have some pucker factor especially on the Wolf Creek Bridge. Guys are catching fish river wide. It is more about location then what sub surface creation you are throwing. Soft inside turns, the eddy behind rocks and any point on the bank that blocks the main flow are the hot spots right now. The fish are pushed up along the bank and should be within easy reach of both wade and float anglers. Remember if your not getting fish add some weight and you will be into them. Folks are having luck with rubber leg stone fly stuff, worms, princes, small streamers and any big nymph. Not much for dry fly right now except in the evening. Some caddis are hatching and in select spots you can find some risers. We like up around $3 bridge. Go in the evening and be patent as they are in select spots. Also bring plenty of bug spray. Lots of those pesky mosquito this year with all the water. When the sun goes down they come out. Bring a gallon of deet and submerge in it before fishing the evening hatch. Cover every spot just do not drink bug spray it does bad things trust me. As the week rolls along things will only get better. Getting calls at the store each day on the famous orange bugs and when we can expect them. The fever has started. We say it is still a few weeks off. Our prediction is June 25 will have some great dry fly fishing with the orange T bones from above. Again we have been wrong before but that is our prediction. Have a great week out there and stop by the store as new bugs, gear, and clothing arriving daily. Also some Black Rifle Coffee is always warm and the sage river advice is free. Go drown a few flies. It is that time.

Fly Patterns


Elk Hair Caddis 12-16, Furminski Caddis 12-16, Chubby 8-16,


Pats rubber leg in dark color 8-10, Mega Prince 8-10, Hurless stone 10, Juans I stone 10, San Juan Worm in Red or Pink 10, Gummy Worm 10, Lazer Worm 10, Prince Nymph 10-14, Copper John 10-14, CDC Baby 12, Line Juice 12, Tung Dart 12, Mop Fly 10


Trevors black 4, Shelia 4, Sculpzilla black 4, Docs Articulator 4, Banjo Bugger 4

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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