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Madison River Montana Fishing Report for June 17,2018

Madison River Montana Fishing Report for June 17,2018

Fishing Conditions

I hope everyone out there has a good rain coat because they are going to need it. We are seeing a multi day rain event that is not totally unusual for June on the Madison River of Montana. The fishing stays good and will only improve because of the rain. The entire river is fishable and the fish are hungry.Lots of boats and people are concentrating efforts from Varney to town looking for that first salmon fly. No luck as of yet in the yeti or salmon fly sighting. It is going to be another week before the mythical beast salmon fly shows up and might be longer if the rain continues to put cold water and no sun on the river. Best guess the June 25 is going to be awesome on the Madison. The sun will be out, the river will be green and the fisherman will be happy. Still not saying there will be bugs. Hang in there it will happen before the hopper fishing gets good.If your out there right now the bobber lobbers are ruling the day. Throwing leggy stone fly stuff followed with your favorite San Juan variation or prince. Pretty simple. The trick is getting the leader the right depth and the proper weight to keep it in the zone and off the rocks at the same time. Out of the boat we have been running 5.5 feet from the indicator to the first fly. One big heavy stone fly and tungston bead on the second keeps it fishing and not rock bound. At least until the water comes up more or drops and then we will need to reevaluate. Judging by the amount of empty tippet spools in my boat bag 2X has been king. Heavy so you can winch out those sticks that litter the river. Remember the sticks are catch and release. Please put them back so that someone else might have the same experience.Streamer guys are catching some big ones but are down in the numbers. Keep throwing the big stuff and you will be rewarded. Dark bodied streamers , the big stuff from our friends at the Slide Inn, and especially Sparkle Minnow will turn some big butter heads.Dry fly guys are catching some but mostly waiting for another week. Fish a chubby especially on warm afternoons and evenings when the stone flies that are around are active and you can get a few. Put a long dropper behind it and you can cover both worlds. Say Chubby and Rubbie for the win.A little bump out of the dam yesterday. They must be getting really close to filling the lake and the almost 3" of rain in the forecast has them wanting to move a little water downstream. If we really get this much water from the sky expect another bump and the side creeks to start pumping mud again. This should be short lived only a few days. Yes! off colored water again.. Now it is starting to feel like salmon fly season.Lots going on out there and plenty of fish to be had. It is really good and only going to get better. I say nap today while the rain hits as you will be losing sleep shortly chasing caddis and salmon flies till dark soon.Just getting in our huge fly orders for the year. Come check out the new bugs also store is full of great stuff for every fisherman. Black Rifle Coffee is always hot and ready and we do not charge for the friendly sage advice.

Fly Patterns


Chubby in royal, tan, and gold 8-14, Furminski Caddis tan 14, Water walker 10, Purple Peanut 10, Elk Hair Caddis tan or purple 10-16


Pats rubber leg in Black, Brown, Olive or Coffee 8-10, Mega Prince 8, Hurless stone 10, Prince Nymph 10-12, Sparkle Prince 10-12, Jug Head Soft Hackle Prince 12, San Juan Worm Pink red or Wine 10, Copper John 12, FKA Prince 12, Hares Ear 12, Lime Juice 14, CDC Baby 12, Bat Man 12


Sparkle Minnow 6, Shelia 4, Mini Loop Natural 4, Trevors 4, Banjo Bugger 6, Sculpzilla black 4, Big Gallops stuff in black or olive,

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James Coward On 22.06.2018
Nice report, see you next week Friday Reply to this comment
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