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Luke Lowery

Luke Lowery

Shop Manager, streamer addict, fishing license salesman, executive t-shirt folder. I do it all.  

Fishing Gear for the Madison Wind

The Madison is windy so make sure you have the correct gear to combat the wind.  

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Fishing in The Wind
First off, Happy Easter! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Sunday and are now about to sit down and enjoy a nice meal.  Everyone has their own ways of celebrating the resurrection of the Almighty; Mine, as you may have guessed is spending some quality time on the river.Given the winds were upwards of 20mph, it made for an interesting day on the water.  Fly fishing and wind are li..
Streamer Fishing the Madison
Being a self diagnosed streamer addict, I was eager to get up to Ennis and throw big streamers for browns.  Hailing from Colorado, Montana was known as the streamer fishing mecca.  I’d hear stories and see pictures of prehistoric brown trout being landed with 5 inches of rabbit, schlapen and marabou hanging from his mouth.  I spent all win..
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