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Five Cure's for the Common After Salmon Fly Blues

Five Cure's for the Common After Salmon Fly Blues

Five Cure’s for the Common After Salmon Fly Blues

Salmon fly season is a crazy time for dedicated fisherman, guides and shop staff alike. The arctic like days are at their longest of the year, fishing late is the norm and taking out with headlamps at 10:30 is common practice to catch the evening rise and make the most of this special time. This leaves all involved drained physically and mentally right when the bulk of the season is still in front of us. Here are 5 reasons to recharge and heal up from the after salmon fly blues. 

1: Golden Stone Flies: These are the lesser known cousin of the salmon fly and their emergence overlaps the salmon fly usually. They provide some great dry fly fishing with big bugs with less fan fare. Trade in your size 4 orange stone fly for some size 10 yellow ones and hit the river with renewed passion. 

2: Caddis: This is the premier hatch this time of year and comes off daily on the Madison River till the end of July. Evening fishing will get you shots at some big ones but fish one all day as they are constantly buzzing around the bushes riverwide. 

3: Mayflies: Lots of PMD’s are hatching river wide in the morning and fish are starting to key on the smaller offerings. The Montana favorite Purple Haze covers all color phases of mayflies well and floats like a cork. Break out your 5X and learn to love the small fly. 

4: The river is dropping and clearing: Flows are still great and water temps are holding in there with the heat. Lots of mid river structure and holding water is now available to anglers and fish alike. Forget the banks make your living in the center of the river. 

5: Summer is here and the living is easy: Its now summer time on the Madison River and life could not get any better. Long days, warm temps and beautiful river and mountains are sure to cure any funk. Just remind yourself of the cold and wind of winter and it is sure to pick you up.

Yes the salmon flies are come and gone from most of the river for another year but that does not mean its time to hang up your rod. There is lots of season left and some really good fishing ahead. Catch a nap and head out for the evening caddis rise and most of all enjoy summer in Montana. 

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