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Fishing Report for the Madison River March 2, 2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River March 2, 2019

Fishing Conditions

If you have been in Montana the last month and survived you deserve a round of applause. It has been the coldest and snowiest month that any of us can remember. Our snow pack went from 80% to over 120% in the shortest month of the year. Most of the access sites are closed to gorged river or snow. If your looking to fish around Ennis the gorge made it up to just above Burnt Tree and not quite to 8 Mile. Everything from Burnt Tree downstream to the lake will be a month before it is fishable and the access are open. The river gorged big time this year and even flowed over the highway outside of town. This is going to take a while. If you have been doing the snow dance please turn off the music now. If you need to wet a line think Beartrap or above Lyons Bridge. Both will have significant snow but if you can get to the river you should be able to nymph up a few. So when is spring going to arrive and the fishing get good. That is anyones guess right now. The weather man is calling for the next 10 days of cold. Hopefully after that things change and we can start breaking up. Spring officially starts in like 18 days so lets put our hope that Old Man Winter can read the calendar.

Fly Patterns


Try to stay dry


Eggs, worms, stone fly, and midges


Big and dark but keep is low and slow

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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