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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 6-12-2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 6-12-2019

Fishing Conditions

The Madison River is still in remarkable shape for being the center of runoff. People are catching fish river wide if you play the right game. Current flows are 1710 at Kirby and 2540 at Cameron. All fishable. We will see if the current 70's weather throws more mud into the river. It is expected one more push of mud and big water. For the record no salmon flies yet. A call we have been getting at the store daily. Expect them in Ennis around the 24 of the month. If you want to catch a few fish right now think the typical spring fare. Rubber leg stone fly stuff with san juan worm trailer has been getting it done for us. We like the stuff above the west fork from say Lyons Bridge up to Quake. Also think about the west fork proper. We have been seeing some dry fly fishing in the evenings on caddis and left over drakes. Feels like the drakes taste better to the fish so they are targeting them more. Hmm.. Mayflies taste better who knew. The guys in the store have been fishing the local lakes and doing really well. Stop in and gain their knowledge before heading to the lake. Lots of great fishing headed our way shortly. Fly fishing 101 lessons start on the 15 and run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday all summer. Come and learn fly fishing for free.

Fly Patterns


Purple haze 14, Elk hair caddis 14, Chubby 12,


Pats rubber leg in black, brown or coffee 8-12, San Juan worm in Pink or red 10, Prince nymph 10, Copper John 8, Hurless stone 8, Mega Prince 8, 20 incher 8, Sparkle prince 12,


Zonker 6, Shelia 4, mini loop 4, trevors 4, mini butt monkey 6, mini sex dungeon 4, Sparkle minnow 8

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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