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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 5-22-2016

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 5-22-2016

Fishing Conditions

The Upper Madison River is running about 2680 CFS at Varney Bridge right now. This is getting into the big stage so be really careful navigating especially around the lower bridges on the Upper Madison River. If you need to get out and catch a fish stay either really high in the $3 Bridge area and above or try fishing the lower. Up high guys are still doing well even thought he water up there is slightly off colored it is still fishable. Big stone fly nymphs, sparkle minnows, worms and larger than you think princes and may fly nymphs. Keep these near the bottom and in areas where the water is slower. Behind rocks, inside turns as well as right near the bank. Most of the time at this water level the fish are within inches of the bank. If you can get out on the islands and drop offs this is another area where the fish will be receptive. If your up for a drive try the lower Madison River below the Bear Trap Canyon. Reports of better than average streamer fishing. Try crawfish, sculpins and buggers deep. Worms and princes are still a great option down here as well. How long will this patch of run off last? Who knows but for right now if you want to get bent it will take an out of the box approach. Lots of calls in the shop about when the big bugs will show up. Sticking with my date of June 20 at the Ennis Bridge. Its as good a date as any. Look for the salmon flies on the Big Hole first and then a few weeks later here. Get out and enjoy this traditional Montana Spring Fishing weather.

Fly Patterns


Para BWO 14, Purple Haze 14, Peacock Caddis,


Pats rubber leg in black, olive, or brown 4-10, Hurless Stone 4-10, Mega Prince 4-10, Zirdle Olive or Natural 6, San juan worm Red or Pink 10, Gummy Worm Red Pink or Chartreuse 10, Prince Nymph 8-12, Copper John 10, Toxic Caddis 14, Line Juice 10-14


Trash Can Sculpin, Shelia 4, Mini Loop Natural or Olive 4, Trevors Sculpin 4, Sculpzilla in black, olive or natural 4, Flash Fry Olive,

More Info

USGS flow information


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