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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 4-15-2016

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 4-15-2016

Fishing Conditions

Even with this snap of winter like weather the Madison River continues to fish well and impress each and every day, With the warm weather last week the river did rise and come slightly off color but the fish are still on the feed in a big way. The fish have turned off the egg and worm fest of the last few weeks and started to key on standard feed. The blue winged olives have begun in a big way and the fish have taken notice. Fish the tech like mayfly nymphs deep before the hatch and look for risers in the eddies and soft water once the bugs start to emerge. The standard fare of a pats rubber leg and a pt will work for the nymph crowd. Few caddis bumping around and some have been having some great luck with lime green caddis emergers on the swing. The streamer guys are getting into the game with fish starting to chase. The hot color is white right now. It is a great time to be on the water and do not let a little snow get in the way.

Fly Patterns


Parachute BWO 16, Goulds Shuck Off BWO 16, Purple Haze 16, BWO Cripple 14, Royal Cubby 14,


Pats rubber leg in black, green, or coffee in 8-12, Hurless stone 8-12, San Juan Worm Red 10, Lazer Worm 10, Psyco May Olive 14, Bruised Baetis 14, Soft Hackle PT 16, Delektable Big Spanker Pt 14, Lime Juice 14, Toxic Caddis 14


Sculpzilla White 4, Flash Fry White 4, Zonker 6, Sculpin the One 4, Trevors Sculpin 4, Grand Master Flash 4,

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