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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 7-4-2015

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 7-4-2015

Fishing Conditions

We have been seeing some record heat for this time of year. Even though it might be in the 90 each of the last 7 days the Madison River has still kept producing. The powers that be at the dam have give us some more water which has slightly moderated water temps. The best fishing right now is from day light till about 2 pm. After this the water temps are starting to get to hot for the fish to feed actively. Also catching a fish in these late afternoon temps puts undo stress on the fish and it might die. Most anglers are getting on the river early and getting off sometime shortly after noon. It looks like we are going to get some relief from the heat in the next few days and this should help the fishing, the fish and the anglers. We are still seeing some goldens, as well as the start of the nocturnal stone fly. We are also seeing good hatches of caddis and a great may fly hatch almost each day. The best part is the mayfly spinner fall each day about 10 am. This gets the fish looking up. For the bigger fish the bobber lobbers are still king of the hill.

Fly Patterns


Chubby golden 10-12, Chubby royal 8-12, Half Down Golden 8-12, Elk hair caddis tan 12-16, Furminski Caddis 12, Parachute Adams 12-16, Purple Haze 12-16, Yellowstoner Chubby 12, Thing from Uranus tan 12, Knobbler 12-14,


Pats Rubber Leg olive 12, Soft hackle CDC Prince 14, CDC P tail 12-16, Sparkle Prince 12-16, Lightning bug silver 12-16, Gabriels Trumpet 12-16, Psycon prince 12-16, Sure Strike Yellow 12-16, Sure Strike Peacock 12-16, CDC Purple Lightning bug 12-16


Trevors Natural, Mini Loop Sculpin Natural 4, Sparkle Minnow Ghost 6, Sparkle Minnow Sculpin 6, Trash Can Sculpin 6,

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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