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Fishing Report Upper Madison 4-28-2015

Fishing Report Upper Madison 4-28-2015

Fishing Conditions

If you can get to the upper Madison River in the next few days you should do it. The mothers day caddis hatch is in full swing and it is one of the few times a year where you can almost bank on catching fish on dry fly's. The Mothers Day Caddis Hatch is in full swing and the fish are taking notice. The best time for dry flys has been mid afternoon but the fish are on emergers all day. If looking for dry fly fishing look in the slower water of the side channels and in the very inside of seams. Till the hatch gets going swing soft hackles and other caddis looking nymphs and they have been more active if you put some life in your nymph. Twitch it, raise it during the drift or swing it for best results. Also there are a few march brows around and some fish have been keying on them so have some large brown may fly patterns handy.

Fly Patterns


Elk Hair Caddis Peacock 12,14,16: Peacock Caddis 12,14,16: Bugmeister 10,12,14: Furminski Caddis olive 14: XCaddis 12,14: Parachute March Brown 14: Chubby skwala 12


Pats Rubber Legg in black or coffee/black 6,8,10: Copper John 10,12: Delektable CDC Baby 12,14,16: Soft hackle Purple Lightning bug 14,16: Hares Ear 14,16: Soft Hackle CDC Prince 12,14,16


Sparkle Minnow Sculpin size 4, sparkle Minnow Ghost Size 6, Sculpzilla Olive 4,8: Bow River bugger size 6: Mini Loop Sculpin 6: Haymaker sculpin olive, Grand Master Flash Brown

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USGS flow information


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Quake to Ennis Lake

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