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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 11-7-2015

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 11-7-2015

Fishing Conditions

We have seen our first dose of winter here on the Madison River and snow now covers the valley. Most sportspeople are now hunting and chasing furry tasty critters which leaves the river empty. From now till spring the whitefish are spawning. These wonderful fish are broadcast spawners so they loose a bunch of eggs. The fish are on the look out for small egg patterns. Whitefish eggs are yellow to peach in color and small about a size 14. Guys who have been throwing these have been reporting great fishing. A few hatches of BWO's and midges on certain days to keep the dry fly guys looking in the slicks behind rocks. Also the streamer bite is still on. We have been having our best luck with olive bunny fur on the slow strip or even dead drift. The Madison River continues to produce good fish and a little snow just makes it look pretty. Get out and fish.

Fly Patterns


Para Blue Winged Olive 16, Buzz Ball 18, Para Midge 18,


Otters soft egg yellow 12,14: Glow Bug Yellow 12,14: Otters soft egg peach 12,14: Psyco May Olive 14, Pats rubber leg olive or coffee 10,


Sculpzilla Olive or Black 8, Sculpin the one olive 4, Olive wooley bugger, Trevors Sculpin Olive, Trash Can Sculpin white 6

More Info

USGS flow information


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Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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