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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 1-6-2016

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 1-6-2016

Fishing Conditions

If you need to scratch the itch and get a line wet or if you need to try out the new waders or rod you got for christmas you might just be amazed at the quality of winter fishing on the Madison River. The river as a whole is looking good and there are good reports from the Bear Trap Canyon as well as between the lakes and near Reynolds Pass. I would stay away from the area between Ennis and Ennis Lake. The river has gourged this area and lots of ice shelves are unstable and dangerous. If your going to fish this time of year look for days where the wind is not nuclear and the temps are at least 30 degrees. Also try to find an area where the ice flow is reduced. With the nice warm weather of the last few days the ice has almost gone away. The fish are in the winter spots of deeper water or anywhere they can get away from the main current. They are also stacked up so if you catch one keep at it and you will probably stay bent in the same spot. Stay away from the bouncy shallow riffles that hold most of the fish mid summer. We have been having our best luck sub surface being a bobber lobber. Typical stuff for winter eggs, worms, and midges rule the day. We have had reports of good dry fly fishing to a midge hatch but have not seen it personally. Get out and experience winter with a fly rod in your hand. Almost guaranteed to have the place to yourself. Stop by the store for the latest fishing news and a free hot cup of coffee.

Fly Patterns


Para midge 18, Buzz Ball 18, Griffiths Gnat 18, Para Adams 18


Otters soft Egg Peach 10, Otters Soft Egg Yellow 10, Pats rubber leg 6-12, Zebra Midge 16, Lightning Bug 16, San Juan Worm Red 10, San Juan Worm Pink 10, Hurless Stone 10


Sculpzilla Black4, Sculpzilla Olive 4, Trevors Natural 4, Trevors Olive 4, Sculpzilla 4, Black Buggers 4-10, Copper Zonker 8,

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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