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Fishing Report Upper Madison River 1-27-2016

Fishing Report Upper Madison River 1-27-2016

Fishing Conditions

The river as a whole has been staying in good shape. The dreaded gourging of many years has been confined right now to the Valley Garden area downstream. Everything above Valley Garden on the Madison is gourg free and open. The nicer weather has also helped the fisherman with lots of folks swinging in to get a few flies on the way to the river. Reports we have been getting are all good with some really great. Most are doing the bobber lobber thing and getting down and dirty. This has been the most successful lately. Those looking for the dry fly bite are really having to wait for the right day. If you looking to catch a few on midges on top concentrate on days with no wind and over cast skies and a temp above 35. Most of the fish are hanging in the deeper slower water. Places you would not fish in August are prime locations now. Anywhere they can get away from the current and stay deep are good spots to start looking. The Madison river can be a fickle creature especially this time of year and you will need to get down in the fishes face in order for them to bite. The good news is that the fish are stacked up and if you find one there is a good chance there are more in the same hole. Also traffic on the river has been light and you will most likely have the entire place to yourself. The coffee is always on and hot and we are always willing to talk fishing so stop by the store when you can.

Fly Patterns


Buzz ball 16, Para Midge 16, Griffiths Gnat 16, Purple Haze 18


San Juan Wom Pink 10, San Juan Worm Red 10, Pats Rubber Leg Black 8, Pats Rubber Leg Brown 10, Pats Rubber Leg coffee 10, Delekta Hurless Nymph 8, Otters Soft Egg Orange 12, Lightning Bug 14, Prince Nymph 8, Copper John 8, Zebra Midge Black 18, Zebra Midge Red 18, Serindipity Red 18


Sculpzilla Natural 8, Lake Bugger 10, Mini Loop Natural 8, Shelia 4,

More Info

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