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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 7-30-2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 7-30-2019

Fishing Conditions

Summer is starting to fly right by here in Ennis. It feels like it was yesterday mothers day caddis were popping off. With the back half of summer comes the start of terrestrial season. Warmer dry temps are starting to push hoppers towards the riverbanks and into the sights of fish. Now is an excellent time to start targeting large trout looking for a big snack to overshoot the landing of a nearby willow. Ant's are also a hit this time of year. Parachute black/cinnamon ant's are a steady meal for most trout on the river. As always there is a steady supply of caddis coming of late in the afternoon and evening. Trout are not being picky about size or color so just pick one and fish it hard. Small nymphs are working well on mid-river shelves, try flashy patterns such as lightning bugs or flash prince's on sunny days. The streamer bite has been off and on; however, on overcast mornings throwing meat has worked excellent.

Fly Patterns


White Cloud Hopper (Tan): 12, Chubby Chernobyl (Pink): 10, Super Chernobyl (Golden) 12, Rubber Leg Parahopper: 6, Arrick's Para Ant (Black/Cinnamon): 16, Purple Haze: 14,16,18, X- Caddis (Tan): 12,14,16, Goddard Caddis: 14,16,18


Lightning Bug (Silver, Gold): 16,18, BH Flash Prince (olive, purple, green, yellow): 14,16,18 Delektable lil spanker pheasant tail: 14, Iron Sally: 12, Ninch's Ball Gag: 12, 14


Shiela Sculpin: 4, Sculpin "The One" (olive, Black), McCunes Sculpin (Olive), Sculpzilla Jr. (White), Polar Minnow (Gold), Mini Boogieman (grey, olive, black, white)

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