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Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 10-2-2019

Fishing Report for the Madison River in Montana 10-2-2019

Fishing Conditions

We have seen summer and winter on the Madison River all in the last two weeks. What is next spring? Lets hope fall in all its glory returns. I think it will. Things are looking good right now for some epic streamer fishing in the short term. Browns are moving up from the lake to spawn and this weather will make them aggressive. Its streamer time so break out your 7 wt and lets get to work. We really like articulated streamers in black, olive, and white for fall fishing on the Madison. We tend to go smaller than some of the other Madison River Streamer guru's. Helps to sink, less obtrusive and catches more fish. Always slow and steady will catch more fish than in your face movement. If you want to chase a bobber you should still be able to get it done with stone fly nymphs, BWO stuff and do not forget about worms and eggs. Whitefish are getting ready to spawn so eggs will be free flowing. IF your looking for that last dry fly bite look for nasty weather days and go searching for the BWO stuff. Little mayflies will make fish look especially behind rocks, inside bends and any back water stuff. Some great fishing to be had and the best part the river is quiet compared to summer standards. Stop by the store for the latest intel and the always free coffee and friendly advice. Lots of good stuff on sale now.

Fly Patterns


Purple haze 14, BWO parachute 14, BWO cripple 14, Found Link 14, Para Ant 12


Pats rubber leg in olive, brown, coffee, or black 8-12, san juan worm 12, Psyco May 14, Military May 14, Hogans SM 14, Soft hackle P tail 14, spanker 14


If it has rabbit and half a chicken throw it. We like olive, black and white.

More Info

USGS flow information


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Quake to Ennis Lake

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