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Madison River Fishing Report 8-12-17

Madison River Fishing Report 8-12-17

Fishing Conditions

Well the second week in august has come and gone and the Madison is still fishing pretty well. The nights have been cold and the water temperatures are still doing fine. Early mornings and late evening are the best times to fish right now. We are seeing a lot of the younger age class of fish being caught right now but there are still enough big guys taking flies through the whole river to keep you interested. Its hopper season out there hoppers, ants and beetles are the name of the game right now for dry fly action. Trico are also a good bet but you better get on the water early if you want to get in on that action. Nymphs and streamers are really the best way to pick up good fish this time of year. So get out and enjoy these last few weeks of august you just might be happy you did.

Fly Patterns


parachute trico 18 caddis 16-18 royal wulff 14-18 pheasant tail parachute 14-18 streambank hoppers 10-12 chubby chernobles (any color, I Like red and peach ) Fat frank peach 12 swisher's pmx royal 14-18 flying ant cinnamon 14-16 brown foam ant 14-18


Keglers sin city red 14-16 green mo pt 14-18 crystal serendipity 16-18 lightning bug purple/silver 14-18 copper johns 14-18 purple prince nymph 14-18 Le bug olive 16-18 san Juan worms 10-14


Zonkers natural/tan/copper, flash fry natural, bunny sculpin olive, mini leech , sculpzilla and sculpzilla jr white, McCune's sculpin sheila sculpin

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