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Fishing Report for the Madison river 7-8-17

Fishing Report for the Madison river 7-8-17

Fishing Conditions

The Fishing on the upper Madison river near Ennis has been great the past few days. The main salmon fly hatch has come and gone but not to worry there are still plenty of bugs out for fish to eat. We are seeing PMD's, golden stones , yellow sallies in the mornings and early afternoons, the caddis hatch in the evenings has also been doing really well. Even though we aren't seeing lots of salmon flies anymore the fish still remember them and that they love to eat them so don't be afraid to throw a salmon fly dry still. The weather is getting pretty hot in the midday so I would concentrate my fishing time in the mornings or late evening. If you are the type of person that wants to fish all day, anglers deep nymph fishing in the afternoons have enjoyed the most success. Just don't forget your sunscreen!

Fly Patterns


water walkers8-10 formulators golden 8 delectable chubbiness royal 12-16 Goldie Hawn 14-16 x caddis 12-16 royal puff 14-18 keller peppermint PMD 14-16


micro stone light 12-16 redemption PMD 14-16 psycho may PMD 14-16 psycho prince amber 14-18 delek twisted wire 16-18 delektable cdc baby 12-16 pats rubber legs 12-14


sculpin Shelia 4 double bunny 4-6 zonked 6-10 meat fly 6-8

More Info

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