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Fishing Report for the Madison river 7-15-2017

Fishing Report for the Madison river 7-15-2017

Fishing Conditions

Happy weekend all, from the Madison river in Ennis Montana. The fishing this week has been pretty spectacular. we are seeing lots of PMD's in the morning and the caddis are still going strong in the evenings. The golden stones have move quite a ways upriver but you can still fish a golden stone with plenty of success. Along with the PMD's and Caddis there are lots of yellow sallies . Anglers have been having the best luck fishing a small chubby Chernobyl flowed by a PMD or caddis in the mornings then switching to a dry dropper rig with a yellow Sallie nymph in the afternoon. For those bright sunny days it may be worth while to give-up on the dry and fish a deep nymph rig. During these hot days it will become more important to fish early mornings and late evenings.

Fly Patterns


gerath's rolling stone golden 10 delektable chubbiness uv cinnamon 12-14 x- caddis 12-18 purple haze 12-16 super h&l 12-16 royal wulff 12-16 zelon cripple PMD 14-18


psycho prince amber 14-16 sparkle prince yellow 12-18 formerly know as prince purple 12-16 psycho may 14-16 delectable cdc baby 12-16 micro stone light 12-14 micro stone light 14-16 redemption PMD 14-16


meat fly 4-8 flash fry perch 6-8 mini loop sculpin 6 sculpin Shiela 4-6 zonked tan/ natural 6-8

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