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Fishing Report for the Madison River 8-5-2017

Fishing Report for the Madison River 8-5-2017

Fishing Conditions

The Madison river is still doing pretty well compared to other rivers in Montana. The river still has good flow and the water temperatures are around 60 degrees in the mornings. The dog days of august are upon us but the Madison can be your chance to beat them. The mornings will be your best bet for catching fish. Most of the hatches have slowed down so now is the time to start thinking terrestrials. Ants, beetles and grasshoppers are working really well. There are also tricos out and about, so look for spinner falls in the late morning. Nymphing and streamers have been productive in the deeper pools and runs. Don't start the august blues just yet, there is still time to get some quality fishing in on the Madison.

Fly Patterns


flying ant cinnamon 14-16 brown foam ant 14-18 parachute trico 18 purple haze 14-18 delectable chubby uv cinnamon 12-16 more or less hopper tan or pink10-12 swisher pix royal 14-18


lightning bugs silver/pearl14-18 prince nymphs 14-18 copper johns red/ copper 14-18 green mo pt 16-18 serendipity red 16-20 micro stone tan 14-18 shop vac 16-20


trevors sculpin 6 mccunes sculpin natural/ olive zonker natural 8 meat fly 8-10

More Info

USGS flow information


Shuttle Services:

Meadowlark Shuttles


Dorothy’s Shuttle Service
Quake to Ennis Lake

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