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The Madison River

      March 1 2015 Madison River Fishing Report

March is here and with it comes a few things. First you now need a new fishing and hunting license.  Second we consider March to be the official start to our season. Days are growing in length and with that consistent good fishing and weather are on the horizon. 

If you're headed out on the Madison River to try and catch a few fish the subsurface game still rules.   You bobber lobbers will be having the most opportunity to get and stay bent.  The standard Madison Rive spring fare of a dark bodied rubber leg stone fly nymph with a red or pink san juan worm should keep you entertained all day.   If you want to change it up try following your stone fly with a midge larva like the zebra midge or $3 dip.   Keep your eye out as the month rolls along for the first hatches of blue winged olives.  They like a little warmer air temps and cloudy days.  When you see them switch to a may fly nymph like a P-tail, or Hogan's. 

For you dry fly guys there are still opportunity.   Watch for daily midge hatches around noon to start.  These are best fished on warm days with no wind.   When you see heads switch to a para midge or buzz ball on 4X and you should take all risers.  

For you streamer junkies low and slow are the rules of the game.   The water temps are still cold so they will need the streamer in their face.  Fish you meat deep with a slow retrieve.  Our best patterns lately have been black in color.  Try a Sculpzilla in black or if you want to switch it up try an olive bugger.  Both are good bets.  As the water starts to warm up start picking up the speed of your retrieve. 

New gear arriving daily as our spring orders show up.  Stop by the store for the up to the second fishing report. 

Click here to monitor Madison River Flow Data
Madison River at West Yellowstone
Madison River Below Hebgen Lake near Grayling, MT
Madison River at the Kirby Ranch near Cameron, MT
Madison River below Ennis Lake near McAllister, MT

  February 1, 2015 Madison River Fishing Report

With the wealth of nice days we have been seeing lately it is easy to let the mind wander from traditional winter tasks and drift into fishing.   If you have been having the same problem as me the only sure cure is to grab your waders and head for the Madison.   A little casting cures almost any ill. 

For those wanting to get out the nice unseasonable winter weather is making the perfect storm for great winter fishing.  Location is key during the colder months as the fish are stacked in the deeper and slower moving water.  Once you find your spot nymphing will certainly bring fish to hand.  We have been having luck with a large size 4 pats rubber leg followed by a pink or red san juan worm.  Fish these dead drift about 7 feet behind and indicator and add a little weight if your not hitting bottom.   If this does not work throw on a size 18 zebra midge or 3$ Dip as most afternoons there is a good midge hatch. 

For you dry fly guys fishing this time of year is a mid-day thing.  We have been having a great midge hatch almost each day with rising fish.  One report lately was great dry fly fishing to select risers behind rocks near Reynolds Pass.   If you do see rising fish try a buzz ball, parachute midge or Griffiths Gnat on a 5X tippet.    These fish will not move very far to take a floating fly this time of year so make the first cast accurate.  As long as it is in their lane they should eat it. 

For you guys wanting to throw big and ugly streamers think low and slow.  Keep them deep and with a slow retrieve. 

There is some great fishing this time of year and your almost guaranteed to have the river to yourself.  Stop by the store or give us a call for the current river report. 

January 1 2015 Madison River Fishing Report

Here we are the dead of winter in the most prolific trout fishery in the world.  If you need to scratch an itch and catch a fish or just want to try out the new rod or waders Santa left under the tree the good news is there is definitely an opportunity to do that. 

Fishing this time of year requires a series of decisions.  First you must decide on your day.  Try days where the temps are above freezing with little to no wind.  Second you must pick your spot.  Try areas that have good cover and slower water. Places where big boulders cause eddies or slicks or on the inside of turns.   A few areas that have been successful lately have been 3 Dollar Bridge upstream, below Ennis Dam and below the Bear trap canyon.  If you pick your day and spot with enough care you can be assured of some good fishing.   In fact lately there has been some really great fishing.  The best part about it is that you will have the entire river to yourself.  

Once you have made the above decisions and arrived at your spot start off nymphing. Try a pats rubber leg with a zebra midge, 3 Dollar Dip, or serendipity trailer all in size 16-18.  The main hatch is midges and the smaller midge larva patterns are doing well.  Fish all of these on a 4X leader about 6 ft. from your indicator.  Takes can be soft so keep a good eye on your indicator. 

Also keep an eye out especially in the afternoon for risers in the slicks behind rocks.  These fish will be rising to midges and the rise forms are subtle.  On rising fish a size 18 para midge or buzz ball will usually take any rising fish.    Lately, people have been coming in the shop reporting good dry fly fishing all afternoon on days with little to no wind.   

If you're headed out to try your luck swing by the shop and we can get you lined up. 

December 1, 2014 Madison River Fishing Report:
While most are thinking about Black Friday, shopping, holidays and family some still have trout dreams.   In fact if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of family this time of year the Madison River is a great refuge. 

Most of the fishing this time of year is sub surface.   Keep it simple and you will score.   The standard Madison River nymph rig of a Patts Rubber leg stone fly with either a egg pattern or  a midge larva will generally do the trick.  Keep your eggs in the peach to flesh color and fish a 3X tippet.  For the midge larva a zebra or brassie will work just fine. The white fish are still spawning so there is a bunch of eggs still in  the water.  Midges are the insect of winter and will be present all winter long.   Location and timing are a big part of fishing this time of year.  Pick a day with little wind and warmer temps and you should score.  Look for winter holding water that is slower and has some depth. 

For you streamer guys deep and slow is the new normal.  Run your big bugs with a slow crawl over the bottom and an occasional twitch.   Try streamers in olive and black and keep them in the smaller sizes.  

For you dry fly guys you can still find a few heads up.  Look for risers on good days with cloud cover and no wind.   Look in slow turns and behind rocks in the slicks.   Fish will rise to midges and the lingering BWO.  Try a buzz ball or para midge on a 5X tippet and you should have no problem picking off the risers.  

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 November 1 2015 Madison River Fishing Report

It is November and as most people are thinking about college football, turkey and big game season but a lucky few are still thinking fishing.   Each year the largest brown trout of the year is caught sometime in early November.  Large aggressive fish are reason enough to get off the couch and hit the Madison River for one last day. 

There are a few things going on in the Madison River right now fisherman should keep in mind.   The whitefish are spawning.  They are broadcast spawners so eggs are free flowing all over the system.  Some of the best fishing can be with a small egg pattern. We like the Otters soft egg.   If you catch a few of brother whitey move directly downstream and fish an egg pattern there will usually be a brown or rainbow stacked below the spawning whitefish getting fat on eggs. 

The Brown trout are also spawning this time of year. If you notice redds and actively spawning fish please keep off.  The eggs are very susceptible to damage and walking on redds can damage them.   When browns spawn they can get aggressive to other fish. Our best pattern lately has been a whit sculpzilla.   They see this as an intruder and actively go after it.  As the water cools during the month they are less likely to chase and want more of a swing. 

The main two insects in the trout world this time of year are Baetis (Blue Winged Olives) and midges.   On overcast afternoons with no wind look for a decent hatch of BWO's.   Usually a parachute in size 16 will take them.    Concentrate on the slicks behind rocks and in the slower inside curves.  Nymphing a Pat's rubber leg with a small BWO nymph behind has been deadly lately.   Try a bruised Baetis, a Tong redemption, or wondernymph on a 4X.    

November can be a great time to get out and fish.  You will most likely have the river all to yourself and maybe catch the fish of the year.  We are here to answer all your questions and help with up to the minute fishing reports.   

October 1 2014 Madison River Fishing Report
Fall is here and beautiful colors line the Madison River.  The temperature has cooled and fishing is heating up.  It is hard to have a bad day on the river this time of year.  The brown trout are getting into their spawning mood and are all dressed up for the big party. 

If you are on the Madison right now it might just be the best time to fish for the entire year.   The water temps are cool and all the fish are feeding up ahead of the long winter ahead.  The brown trout are making their yearly migration up out of each lake in our system to spawn.   If you're a streamer guy this is your time to shine.   We have been having the best luck on black or white streamers. Try either a double bunny, flash fry, sculpzilla, or just a standard bow river bugger.  Make sure to get it down with a little weight.  We have been having out best luck recently on the slow strip almost a swing.   If your not getting any love try switching size, color or retrieve.   Double your chances by adding a bead head trailer.  We have been doing best with the fly formerly known as prince, red copper johns or sin city specials.  We have been fishing the streamer with a 2X and the bead head on a 3X tippet.  If your looking for some of those big spawning browns try and target the first 10 river miles above each lake in the system.   

If you're a dry fly guy you still have some very good dry fly fishing ahead.   On overcast days look for hatches of BWO's.   Keep an eye on the soft water behind rocks, and on slow curves for heads.   A sparkle dun or para Baetis will do the trick on most days.  You will need to drop down to a 4X tippet when fishing the little dry's.   As a searching pattern try a black or cinnamon ant as these are still available to the fish. 

It is a great time of year to fish and the busy traffic of summer has gone.  You might just have the river all to yourself and catch the biggest brown of the season. 

Stop by the store for season end sales as well as the up to the minute fishing report.  

September 10, 2014  Madison River Fishing Report

With the cool weather we have been having fall is definitely in the air. With the fall weather comes some of the best fishing of the season.  If you can get to the Madison River in the next two months do it as you might just catch the fish of your life. 

Right now pick your method and go with it.   For you dry fly guys try a small hopper like the streambank hopper with an ant trailer.   Some good fish have been taken recently on this set up.   Fish both with 4X tippet.  As a wild card try a foam para humpy in red. This is a real sleeper and has been taking some good fish.  Some days they are on it some not.   I feel they are eating it as an ant but not sure. 

For you streamer guys now is the time to break out the big rods and throw fur.  Some really big fish have been taken recently on bunny fur. Try a mini-loop sculpin, shelia, or any other natural or olive sculpin like creature.  Follow this with either a flash prince, lightning bug or p-tail like nymph and hang on.  The Baetis influence is gaining more and more each day so the tight olive or purple mayfly nymphs will work better and better.  We have also been having luck with the standard black bodied and white leg girdle bug.   Remember to fish all of these on 3X with 4X for the trailer.   Some days they look closer than others and when they do drop down to 4X all around and watch the number of hits you get go up. 

Snow and cold the next few days but then back to nice fall weather for the rest of the foreseeable future.   Stop by the store for the latest report and for our end of season sale.  30-50% off waders and boots, 30% off sunglasses, fly line and clothing.   Also remember out fall streamer guide trip special.   October 1-31 all float trips are $350 and come with a hot lunch. 

September 1 2014 Madison River Fishing Report.

Labor day has passed, the kids are back in school and the crazy crowds have thinned out on the Madison River.  Some of the best fishing of the year is right around the corner.  This year in particular we are in store for  great fall fishing.  Because of the large snow pack and wet summer rains we are experiencing some great water levels in the Madison River.  This equates to happy fish.   Also in the Madison River we are seeing a huge age class of 4 year old fish. These are anywhere from 17-21" and seem to be river wide.   If you remember back 4 years ago we had another big water year and these mature age class of fish are the direct result of that. 

As for fishing right now.   If you're a streamer guy it is good and getting better by the day.  Keep your streamers olive or natural and fish them on the tight line to a slow strip.  We have been having the best luck with the Mini-loop, Shelia, Zonkers, and sculpzilla as well as sparkle minnows.  To increase your chances trail a bead head about 16 inches behind.  Our best beads of late have been P-tails, lightning bugs, batman, and Tungsten Warriors.  The streamer fishing is just going to get better and better.   We will see a significant increase in big fish in the Madison River as the browns out of Ennis Lake start the spawning run.  If you like to chuck bunny fur, get here in the next 8 weeks. 

The dry fly bite is still on.   Small hoppers, ants and parachute mayflies are running out the door daily in the store.   The best have been small fat alberts, streambank hoppers, CDC ants, and parachute adams.   The fall Baetis are starting to show up on cloudy rainy days and the dry fly fishing is good.   Fish all these on a 4X.  

Stop in the shop or give a call for the latest info.   Also, fall clearance sales on almost everything the fly fisherman needs.  Also, ask about our October Guided trip discounts. 

August 20, 2014 Madison River Fishing Report 

It looks like we are going to get some rainy cloudy weather in the next week.  This spells good things to come for the Madison River. 

 Lately it has been a bunny and a bead that has been taking the majority of the fish.   We have been having great days fishing shelia, sculpzilla, trevors and sparkle minnows with either a sparkle prince, lightning bug or evil weevil behind.  We have been having the best luck on the slow retrieve and getting it deep.  If your not bouncing the bottom add weight.   We have been most successful with not indicator and just keeping the line tight.  Fish the streamer on a 2X 6 ft leader with about 18 inches of 3X to the nymph.  

For your dry fly guys out there the Madison is still producing on a dry you just need to stick with it.   General mayfly imitations such as a para adams, purple haze as well as caddis have been taking some fish.   Also we have been having some great luck on a red foam para humpy in about a size 14.   We think they are eating it as an ant.  This awkward  attractor has taken some big fish on top in the last week. Trail it with a super H&L Variant and your good to go.    The guys fishing hoppers are starting to pick up a few in the afternoons.  Try smaller hopper imitations such as a streambank hopper or  mor or less hopper in a size 10 or 12. 

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August 13, 2014 Madison River Fishing Report
The Madison River is still holding its own and fishing well. The warmer air temps have corresponded to a water temps but they have been in the safe range.  The twice weekly thunderstorms that drop a bunch of moisture has helped out the water temps and kept the fish on the hunt.  
We have been consistently running the bunny and bead and doing pretty well.   Our favorite is the Sculpzilla, Shelia and Trevors followed by a lightning bug, FKA Prince or Evil Weevil.  Most of the fish are coming on the bead head nymph but a few larger fish are eating the streamer.   We have also been throwing a sparkle minnow and catching some really large fish primarily in the mornings. 
Traffic on the river is still steady but not close to the end of June-beginning of July madness.   Our fishing has been better in the mornings so getting and early start is of great importance.  Plan on getting on early and off about 3.  

Our dry fly guys have been doing well with para-adams, purple para wulff, and para-sprites.   There is still a bunch of mayflies out especially in the mornings and if you can weed out the small fish you can hang a few good ones.  There are nocturnals river wide so fishing a chubby or other stonefly looking bug and sticking with it all day could produce a few good fish on top. 

Don't forget the Ennis on the Madison Fly Fishing Festival Labor Day Weekend. We will be having a huge storewide sale of 30% off almost everything. 

August 7 2014  Madison River Fishing Report

The fish and fisherman have sure taken notice of the little reprieve from the hot weather.  It always amazes me what just two days of clouds and rain will do.  The Madison River flows are still strong but the mid day water temps were making the fishing and fisherman sluggish during the heat of the day.   The last two days of clouds and rain showers changed all that.  

There are still good hatches of may flies in the morning and the fish are more than happy to look up and eat.   The most popular patterns leaving the shop are para purple wulff, parachute adams and parachute hares ear.   These fished on 4X will take fish most of the morning.  Try concentrating on the slower water behind rocks, inside turns and all other soft spots.   Mid day on try an attractor like a purple or pink chubby, fat albert, or para royal madam X followed by a size 14 caddis or ant.  

For you nymph guys the same old stuff is still working.  They are still happy to eat pats rubber legs but the size and color change by the day.  Stop in and we can tell you what the color and size of yesterday was.   Trail that with a lightning bug, p-tail type nymph or midge larva like the serendipity.   All should go on 4X now.

The last few days the streamer bite was on in a big way.   For us they have been eating the white sparkle minnow with some black sharpie down the back.  Also try zonkers, buggers, and sculpins.   We have been doing better the last week with the more flashy streamers on a swing or slow strip.  Be conifidant and fish them a bunch and you will feel a big tug.  

Huge store wide sale coming during the Ennis on the Madison Fly fishing festival, August 29 and 30.  Come by for great savings as well as a free hot dog, chips and drink lunch.   

August 1 2014 Madison River Fishing Report

Even with the heat and wind we have been seeing over the past week the Madison River has been hanging in there and fishing well.   Its mid-summer and  the flows are still consistent for a change, the water temps are still in the safe zone and the fish are still on the feed.  

For you nymph and streamer folks the Madison River is still giving it up big time sub surface.   The Madison River standard of a Pats rubber leg followed with a lightning bug, sparkle prince, batman, or copper john in red or purple has been the ticket.  Interestingly we have increased the size of our rubber leg to a 6 and the fish are more interested in it.  They are eating it for the nocturnal stone fly nymphs that are emerging right now .  We have been fishing on 3X to the big bug and 4X to the smaller nymph and doing just fine.  

As for streamers, try dead drifting a zonker or sculpzilla in the deep water.  We have been taking some really big fish lately with this technique.    Also try the sparkle minnow on a tight line as this has also been producing some really big fish in the last week. 

For you dry guys out there.   The nocturnal stones are still coming off so a small chubby in size 12 has been working and taking some big browns in the mornings.  There is also some PMD's around so hang a dropper of a parachute adams, purple haze, purple craze  or parachute royal wulff and you should get some risers.  The dry guys that stick with it are being rewarded.  In the afternoon the caddis start to appear and continue till evening.   Try a X caddis with a halo caddis dropper and you should get bent.  On all the dry fly's we have been fishing 4X.  

Give a call to the shop or stop in for the latest fishing report.  We also just received a huge shipment of summer and fall flies from Montana Fly.  Stop in and get stocked up.  

Madison River Fishing Report   July 16 2014

It is summer here on the Madison and the living Is easy.   The Madison River continues to fish really well even in the heat we have been seeing.  Salmon fly's are a memory now till next year, gone are the big bugs and the crowds that seam to follow them around the state. 

If you're a dry fly fisherman now is a great time on the Madison River.  We are seeing hatches of golden stones, yellow sallies, caddis and mayfly's.   Start your day with a mayfly in size 14 or 16.  Or favorites lately have been the Purple Haze, Purple Para Wulff or Parachute Adams.  Yes the Madison River fish have been infected with the purple bug.   Everything in the color purple is all the rage right now.   By mid- day switch over to a chubby in purple, golden to olive and fish the heavy water down the middle of the river.   Once it gets to about 3pm tie on a caddis with an  halo emerger behind and fish till dark.  If you are watching a rising fish and he is not eating your caddis imitation he is probably eating Rusty spinners from the mayfly spinner fall. 

For you nymph guys the bite is on.   Try a pats rubber leg in either brown or olive in a size 10 followed by either a psyco prince, lime juice, evil weevil, or CDC prince.   With the water level the way it is adding extra weight is not necessary most of the time.   This combination should get you  bent most of the day. 

If you're a streamer fisherman there is good news.   Our guides have been getting some really good fish lately on zonkers, sculpzilla and shelia sculpin.  These are all dead drift with a tight line.  Natural colors are working better as well as olive. 

If you want to get out and have a slice of the Madison River to yourself here are a few tips on what the traffic is like lately.   Lyons Bridge continues to be the most popular put in with West Yellowstone, Big Sky and Idaho guides out in force.   The floats down lower are seeing less activity and the same good fishing.  If you're a wade fisherman try fishing upstream from the access points in the morning and downstream in the afternoon.  The wade stretch above Lyons is still seeing a bunch of fisherman but the Valley Garden area is seeing quite a bit less.   Just remember to walk a half hour from the access before fishing and you will have more solitude. 

The sun has been hot and bright so cover up with sun shirts from Howler, Simms, Orvis and Redington.   Also don't forget about great shades.  They do more than make you look cool they help you catch more fish.  We have them from Suncloud and Costa Del Mar. 

July 9 2014 Madison River Fishing Report 

If you want to fish the salmon flys on the Madison River your window of opportunity is closing.  There is still good fishing with the big bug to be had but it is winding down. 

The Salmon Flys on the Madison River are now near Lyons bridge and above and gone from the McAtee Bridge Area downstream.  We are still getting fish to rise to the big salmon fly down to Varney bridge.  The pattern hang over is in full swing.  We have been having our best luck twitching the large dry and staying away from dead drift. These fish have seen tons of artificial salmon flys come over their head in a perfect dead drift.  If you want to connect now try twitching you dry.  Follow your dry with a soft hackle caddis  emerger and the twitching also represents a caddis coming to the surface.   This has produced some violent rises on both the dry and emerger in the past few days.  If you are getting no action try taking your dry fly down a size to represent the golden's and Yellow Sallies that are now river wide. 

For you nymph guys life is good.  The fish are still on the feed and taking most offerings.  Try the standard rubber leg stonefly nymph and follow it with a CDC Prince, Soft Hackle Spanker, Line Juice, or CDC Baby and you should get bent.   We have been having better luck with smaller pats rubber leg in a yellow and brown or olive brown color which represents the smaller golden that is now making a strong apperarance. 

We are still getting away running 2X and 3X on our nymph rigs and 3X on our dry dropper rigs.  

Stop by the store for the latest report.  We have guides out each day and keep  our finger on the pulse of what is going on.  

It has been really hot and do not forget to cover up out on the river.  We have sun gear from Orvis, Simms, Redington and Howler Brothers as well as cool shades to keep you focused by Costa Del Mar.

July 1 2014  Madison River Fishing Report
If you're in Montana on the Madison River right now to fish you are one lucky person. Right now the Madison River is fishing great and all reports it will continue for some time.   The combination of a snowy winter with a long cold spring and timely June rains has produced some of the best water conditions in recent memory.  There is plenty of water and the fish are fat, happy and hungry. 

Right now the salmon fly hatch is in full swing and things could not get much better.  The bugs are mostly concentrated down low from about Storey Ditch to Ennis.  The full hatch has been spotty with only a few bugs seen.  With the warming of weather we expect the hatch to blow up in the next few days and the skies to be full of adults.  Even though there is not a bunch of bugs out right now the fish know they are there and pictures of big fish are coming in daily.   Our guys have been doing best with a smaller salmon fly like a Fat Frank, Thing from Uranus,  or Yellowstoner Chernobyl.   In the mornings we have been hanging a small rubber leg stone fly as a long 30 inch dropper.  By mid-afternoon is all dry and we have been fishing the big bug with a caddis behind. There are bunches of caddis around and using a good caddis imitation like a Furminski caddis as a trailer has been producing some good fish. 

If your into the bobber watch and want to nymph you can really rack up some numbers.  We have been doing best with a rubber leg stonefly and a caddis emerger like Lime Juice, or CDC baby or just a regular old prince.  Things are still early and you can get away with fishing 2X tippet. 

However you cut it July is going to be a great month to fish the Madison River.  Mother Nature is working in our favor this year so let's enjoy it and catch some fish. 

Stop in to the shop for the latest fishing report and the hot flies of the day.  Also, new gear from Simms, Fish Pond, Orvis are all in stock including a wide selection of UPF sun proof shirts, buffs and gloves for that summer weather.  

June 1 2014 Madison River Fishing Report

June has arrived and if you have a bunch of vacation or sick days stacking up at work don't use them just yet.  By the end of the month you will want to call your boss and tell him you're going fishing for a few days.  

The Madison River right now is extremely high and off colored.  The massive snowpack from this winter is now flowing down the river.  Even though it is high fishing is still really good. We have been having luck on the Upper Madison fishing near 3 Dollar Bridge and Reynolds Pass.  This is above where the West Fork joins the Madison River and the source of much of the mud.   It is still off colored but not unworkable. 

We have had luck fishing large girdle bugs in brown or black size 4 with either a pink San Juan Worm or FKA Prince nymph trailer.   The fish are stacked close to the bank because of the high water so all casts should be less than 10 feet off the bank.   We have been running about 4 feet from the indicator to the first fly.  If you're not touching bottom on every few casts add some splits or lengthen your distance. 

Above Lyons bridge is wade fishing only.  You may use a boat for transportation but need to fish from the bank.  Be really careful out there as the water is high and dangerous.   Especially watch wading in deep water.  Also, at this water level it is dangerous to float between Windy Point and Palisades because of a low bridge.  Each year during high water someone wrecks a boat on this bridge so be aware till the water recedes. 

Remember the Salmon Fly hatch is on the horizon.   We expect to be fishing dry fly's on lower green colored water by the last week of the month.  Save those vacation days for then it is going to be epic. 

Stop in to the shop or check our Facebook page for the latest Madison River Fishing Report. 

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 May 22, 2014 
Madison River Fishing Report--Ennis Mt.
With the unusually warm weather we have been thrust in to over the last few days has unlocked the snow in the high country.  Right now every major tributary of the Madison River is flowing.   We went from winter to summer temps in just a few days.  Highs in the 80's the last few days for Ennis Mt.  If your in the valley and want to fish there are still a few options. 

Try spending your time above the West Fork which is the major tributary providing the color to the river.  Good wading opportunities exist near $3 Bridge and Reynolds Pass bridge.   Try big girdle bugs and Pats rubber leg with a red worm trailer near the bank.   Add a little lead if your not getting hitting the bottom on a regular basis.   Fish will be starting to get pushed up near the banks.   A large streamer swinging from the bank is also a good bet.  If you want to try the river below the west fork hit all the soft water near the banks and keep it tight.  Some folks have been having good success floating and pitching girdle bugs with enough weight to anchor the boat in every pocket along the bank.  Yup you will lose a bunch of flies but you may just hang a giant. 

The section of river between the lakes is always a good bet this time of year on the Madison River.  This section is usually clear but be aware you will make a bunch of friends so bring plenty of beer.   The standard nymph rig will get it done also try P-tails and caddis larva. 

Other options is try your hand at a local still water.   Ennis lake is fishing well with chronomids and callibaetis nymphs.  Also try Wade and Cliff Lake.  Local anglers have been hitting these regular like the last week and beating them up. 

Stop in to the shop and check out the new gear from Costa Del Mar, Simms, Orvis and Fish Pond that is arriving daily and get the up to the minute Madison River  fishing report.  

May 1, 2014 Madison River Fishing Report Ennis Montana

Spring is here in the Madison River Valley.  The grass is starting to green up, snow is more a exception than an expectation, blue birds and robins are all over the river bank and our summer guests are slowly returning to town.  Spring fishing on the Madison River is great right now. 

If you are looking to just get bent keep it simple and stick with the nymph game.  Pats/girldle bugs in a size 8 or 10 followed with either a hot head worm, prince, or pheasant tail in any of the deeper water will get the job done.  We have been running 6 ft. of leader from the indicator to the first fly and about 16 inches of tippet to the second fly.   

If you're a streamer junkie start pitching the meat.   Streamers are just coming into their own and will continue to produce all month long.   Our favorites for this time of year are Banjo bugger, ghost bugger, shelia, and sculpzilla.   Keep them down along the bottom with a tight line.

For you dry fly guys it is getting better by the day.  Each afternoon we are seeing a hatch of midges as well as Blue Winged Olive mayflies.  Find calm areas in the slicks behind rocks or on the inside of bends and look for risers.  A para adams or purple haze in size 16 should take them.  As the month rolls along on the Madison River keep an eye out for the famed Mothers Day Caddis Hatch.   It should be going about mid month.   Have a pile of peacock or olive caddis imitations as well as pupae on hand.  If you hit this hatch right every fish in the river will be up eating.  

On May 17 the Madison River above McAtee Bridge and below the Ennis town bridge open for fishing.   The first week or so of fishing on the upper is legendary.  Most of these fish have not seen an imitation in about 7 months.   The last few years opening week produced some unbelievable fishing.   

Also remember May 17 is the first annual Tap in to Ennis Brew and Spirit Festival hosted by the Ennis Montana Chamber of Commerce in Lyons Club Park.  Right now 8 Montana breweries and 4 distilleries are confirmed along with music, food, and fun for the entire family. 

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April, 12
Fishing on the Madison River is going full steam ahead right now.   Like streamers try olive and black bunny fur on a slow strip.
If that does now work try something more natural like a shelia and dead drift with  a twitch in the deep runs.  
If your a nymph guy this is your time.   Each and every rig starts with a stone fly nymph like a Pats.   Pick the color that you have
the most confidence in.  I like the black with white legs but most of the other guides prefer the brown and olive and chocolate colors.
Behind the Pats, try a large copper john, San Juan Worm, prince nymph or p tail.   Set your indicator 6 feet from the first bug.
If your not hitting bottom add a BB size split shot about 4-6" in front of the first fly. 
If your a dry or die guy fish a skwala in size 10.  If that does not work put a small para adams behind to double your chances.  If you
stick with the dry you will catch a few. 

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April 1 2014

This is the most wonderful time of the Year.  Most people associate this with Christmas but as a fly fisherman in the Madison Valley the coming of spring and all the possibilities the current fishing and upcoming season make me happy.   We now have 7-8 months of fly fishing ahead of us.  What could be better.  

If you itching to get out and wet a line do it.  As the water warms in the spring the fish leave their winter mode and start trying to replace the weight they lost during the long winter.  This means they are hungry and have not seen many flies for the past few months.  Just remember the river is closed above McAtee Bridge and below Ennis Bridge till May 17.  With this being said there are plenty of opportunities to get into the action.  

Try the standard spring fare for the Madison.   Most of the action will happen sub surface so try nymphing a stone fly nymph with a San Juan Worm, copper John or prince nymph trailer.   Fish are not that shy this time of year so stick with a 2X or 3X tippet and you should be fine.   As the month goes along the rainbows will start their spawn.  When this happens the river gets full of eggs so a Otters Soft Egg pattern can really produce. 

If you're a streamer guy start the month slow and low.   Keep the speed of retrieve slow as the fish will not chase in the super cold water.  As the water warms during the month try increasing your speed. Favorite spring patterns are Banjo Bugger, Sculpzilla and the Ghost Sparkle Minnow. 

For you dry fly guys there is still midge hatches during the cloudy days that will get the fish looking up.  As the month goes along look for hatches of BWO's on the warm cloudy days with no wind.  Also look for skwala stone flies to start emerging around the end of the month.   These small size 10 stone flies  rarely hatch in huge numbers one might associate with Salmon Fly's but the fish sure know they are around.   The fish see them as snicker bars from heaven and never pass an opportunity to gobble one. 

Give a call to the shop or better yet stop in and get the latest fishing report.  We are running the $300 full day guide trip for 2 the entire month 

March 2, 2014

In like a lion and out like a lamb.  This is an age old saying for the month of March.  The first part is at least proving true this year.    Let's all hope the remainder is true as well. 

Like the above saying the fishing does get significantly better as the month rolls along.    The general warming trend energizes the fish to come out of winter mode and start eating in earnest again.    One needs to remember that the upper Madison above McAtee Bridge and below the Ennis Bridge to Ennis Lake is now closed to fishing.  This will reopen again on May 17. This closure was originally designed to help reduce stress on the rainbow trout that spawn in this area.   Also your old 2013 fishing license is not expired.  The license year for Fish Wildlife and Parks runs till Feb 28 so if you want to fish this month stop by the shop and pick up a new fishing license.

Concentrate your efforts this month below Ennis Dam in the Bear trap and all the way downstream to Blacks Ford.  This area the water temps tend to warm up quicker in the spring.    Look for rising fish during the heat of the day to midges.   A standard parachute midge or buzz ball in size 16 on a 4X should take all risers.   If you're not seeing risers or the dreaded wind is blowing try going sub surface with a standard nymph rig.  Start with an olive or brown rubber leg stone fly nymph trailed with a midge larva like a zebra midge.   If this is not working try a pink San Juan Worm.  Sometimes in the spring the fish will aggressively take the pink worm over all other flies.   Why I don't know. 

Also remember it is spawning season for rainbow trout and the river will soon be full of eggs again.  Try either a pink or flesh colored egg pattern in size 12.  I like the Otters soft egg pattern.   Also remember that if you notice rainbow spawning leave them alone and let them do their thing.   Please do not walk over redds as this can damage the freshly deposited eggs. 

March is when the door starts to open for our main fishing season and the fishing gets better day by day.   If you're itching to wet a line do it, you might just be surprised by the best fishing you have seen in a while. 

We are getting new gear and clothing in the store each day.  Stop by and grab your new fishing license and check out the new arrivals.


February 1 2014

Well it is February and the snow is coming down and all I can think about is fishing.  The tug is really a drug.  Good news is that there are some great fishing options even in the dead of winter that can satisfy my need. 

In the winter it is more a matter of where you fish not what you fish.   Great reports are coming in from the Madison in the Bear trap as well as below Warm Springs and upriver near 3 Dollar Bridge.  Most guys are nymphing with a combination of a stonefly like a Patts Rubber Leg in size 8 followed by either a zebra midge or other midge imitation all in size 18.   Use a 6 ft leader and a 3-4X tippet.   If you are not getting down add a small split shot above the first fly.  This type of rig has been highly productive in the later afternoon. 

The winter midge hatch usually happens about 2 and the fish get on them shortly after that.  On a calm day you can see rising fish in the slower water as well in the slicks behind rocks eating midges.   Try a buzzball or parachute midge in size 16-18 on 4X and you should take all risers.  If you get to the river before the midge hatch try a Otters soft egg in peach or orange or a San Juan Worm in Pink or red.  These are great searching patterns this time of year.   One angler came in the shop the other day and bought 4 dozen of size 12 Lightning bugs.  He tells me he has been killing them on the large Lightning bug recently and needed to restock his box.  Although the Lightning bug is a summer staple on the Madison River give it a try during your winter fishing. 

Remember one fish caught in the snow of winter is worth 10 in the sun of July.  Get out and fish!

December 1, 2013

With the big game hunting season now over, the turkey completely devoured, college football winding down, and the Ennis boys own a championship trophy, now is the time to get back out on the river and enjoy a little alone time in the best place on earth.   Most folks give up fishing this time of year and spend time at the mall; this will leave plenty of elbow room for anyone who needs to scratch the itch.  

Winter fishing is a pick your day type of affair.    Find a sunny day with temps at least 30 and little to no wind.   Fish will have moved from the heavy summer riffles you found them in August and are concentrating on the deeper slower holes with less current.   This time of year if you find the fish you usually find a bunch.   Concentrate on the lower river from Warm Springs downstream as the water temps usually are warmer and ice flow is less of an issue.  

Nymphing is the name of the game in December.   Each nymph rig should start with a Pats rubber leg stone fly in a size 6.  Keep the color dark (brown or black) and use a stout 2X tippet.    As a trailer fly try a pink or red San Juan worm, orange laser worm, peach colored egg pattern or a midge larva nymph.   Remember the whitefish are spawning this time of year so the trout are seeing a bunch of eggs and will even key on them.  If you end up catching a whitefish move directly downstream and find some deeper water and a trout will not be far away. 

For those hard core fish bums out there don't let a little cold keep you from getting your December trout on a fly.   On the cold windy days get your tree, or Christmas shopping done so on the nice days you can spend it on the river.  

Stop by the shop during the Ennis Christmas Stroll and save big on items for the angler on your list.   Most everything in the store is on sale now till the first of the year.   Also, we are now taking reservations for our spring guide trip special.  $325.00 full day guided fishing trips with a warm lunch on the Madison from January 1 till May 1.  Get your day booked now as the prime dates fill up fast.  

October is here and the last blast of good fishing is upon us.    There is no more beautiful time in the Madison Valley than fall.   The leaves are turning colors, the first covering of the white stuff lies on Sphinx Mountain, and the brisk mornings just beckon anglers to the river.   Most of the crowds of  the summer madness are long gone and those you do see on the river keep their distance as solitude is just as important to them as it is to you.  

Streamers and nymphs are the name of the game right now.   The larger brown trout are making their yearly trek up the river to spawn.    The silver sided browns of spring are replaced with the butter yellow spawning colors of fish headed to the party.    Most of the larger fish become aggressive and will readily attack any intruder into their space.   The streamer game is a fickle one and one that rewards those that experiment.   On any given day the fish are looking for Olive, black, yellow, white or natural colored streamers either dead drift, twitched or stripped fast.   If you're not getting the response you want change up the size, color, or retrieve.    Some of our favorite's streamers of fall are the Exasperator Sculpin, Sculpzilla, or Shelia.  Most fish these with a floating line on a short stout leader say 7ft 2X.   To double your chances try two streamers of different colors or a trailing nymph of a copper john or prince.  

For those nymph-a-holics out there feed it to them and they will eat it.   We have been having the best luck lately with a large Pats rubber leg in size 6 or 8 with a Present tail or copper john trailer in size 18. This rig should catch fish all month long.   By the end of the month try an egg pattern.  Along with the browns, the whitefish are spawning as well and they are a broadcast spawner so the eggs are readily available to waiting trout.   We like peach or flesh colored egg patterns in size 14. 

For your dry fly guys there is still fish to be had.   On overcast days expect a blue winged olive hatch about mid-day.   A parachute BWO or even a purple haze in size 16 should do the trick.   Also midges will be hatching in large numbers.  A high-vis parachute midge in size 20 should get any risers.  Concentrate on calmer water behind boulders or on the inside of turns.    

Right now the fishing is as good as it gets and you will not see fishing like this till next spring so get out and fish.   The largest fish of the year are always caught in October.

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August 1, 2013:

The dog days of summer are upon us and the fishing is still holding in there. The water temps are getting in the critical range during the mid-afternoon to early evening heat so plan your fishing trips for early in the morning and be back in town eating ice cream by 3pm.

The water in the Madison this season has been in a constant state of change thanks to the wild management from PPL. The root of the drastic changes in flow from week to week is this. The Lower Madison below the Bear Trap canyon has been reaching critical temps for trout survival. This forces PPL to pulse flow daily out of Ennis Lake. These pulse flows increase the water volume thereby decreasing the temps slightly. To make up for the loss of water in Ennis Lake they have been raising and lowering the Upper Madison on almost a weekly basis. Flows in July at Kirby have been as low as 695CFS and as high as 1800CFS. I would not expect this to change as we move into August.

The changing water flows make the fishing challenging. There are two simple rules. First, fish like water. Second, fish do not like change it makes them grumpy. If the water is on the rise it kicks lose all the nymphs and sculpin. Try either a sculpin pattern like Shelia, or Montana Mouth Wash, dead drift or a larger stone fly nymph and you should hook up. Trail these with a smaller prince or lightning bug. Remember to keep them dead drift or on a slight swing. We have been catching some really large fish with this technique each time the water volume increases.

For the dry fly guys there is some really good fishing to be had. Right now the nocturnal stone fly is hatching every evening. The fish have been willing to take a chubby, Para-madam x, or tantrum in the mornings. The nocturnal stone hatches at night and is flightless. Check the rocks at rivers edge in the morning and I am sure you can find a few. Also in the mornings there is a nice may fly hatch about 8am. A well floated Parachute Adams or other mayfly pattern will take fish especially in the large slicks behind rocks. A super H&L and a small ant pattern have been getting lots of attention from the fish as of late.

As we move through the month we should start to see an influence from hoppers. We are not sure yet if it is going to be a good hopper season or not but we are due for one. Try a hopper in either peach or tan with an ant trailer.

We have lots of Chubby Chernobyl's, hoppers, and ants in stock in a variety of colors. Also, stop in and check out the new rvis Helios 2 fly rods.

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  July 2, 2013
There is no better place to be in summer than the Madison Valley. Great weather, beautiful surroundings, a one of a kind town and the Madison River makes Ennis the summer fishing destination in Montana.

Currently, the fishing is out of hand on the river. If you like fishing dry flies now is your time. Take your pick of hatches. Salmon flies, Goldens, Yellow Sallies, Sedge, Caddis, PMD's and Drakes will all take fish right now. The real problem is deciding which fly to imitate. Even though the big stone flies are meaty and make a great meal for a trout the real action is in the caddis. We have been having far better luck with a Furminski Caddis or Delektable Caddis than with the larger golden or salmon fly. The great part about this time of year is fish both. Try a Chubby with a caddis dropper and cover all your bases. It is the dry fly time of year and it is almost a sin in Montana to be staring at a bobber fishing nymphs when all this good dry fly fishing is going on.

If a guy must throw nymphs or a dropper off a big dry we have been having the best luck with a green colored caddis emerger as well as soft hackles. Try the Ticket, Lime Juice or a CDC Prince all in a size 14 and you should have no trouble getting bent. If you must nymph try a rubber leg stone fly with a caddis emerger behind. Also keep a look out for larger mayflies. We noticed these larger drakes the other day, switched to a gold lightning bug and beat them up.

The river is really low right now thanks to the infinite miss-management wisdom of PPL. This is good for the wade fisherman out there. It is easy wading river wide. Actually we have June Hatches with August water levels. If you can get here now do it.

Get out and fish them head to Ennis for the 4th of July parade and rodeo. We now are a dealer for Costa del Mar sunglasses, Redington Rods, and Tilley hats.

June 1

The dry and almost desert like weather we have been experiencing for the majority of the spring has been remedied in the last three weeks. It has rained almost every day and for the month of May we have received 2.39 inches of precipitation in Ennis. Just a few short weeks ago the hills were brown with increasing fire danger, today they can be mistaken for the lush green hills of Ireland.

All of this moisture and cool temps has caused our snow pack to come out slow and steady as well as keep the river fishable all month long. If we get a few days in the high 70's or above we are sure to see a pulse in the flow and a decrease in clarity. How long this will last and the severity is anyone's guess at this point. br>
The Madison has been in good shape and the fishing has been excellent so far. The color is the perfect bugger green with 1-2 feet of visibility. Barring any blow outs the Madison should continue to fish good with both streamers and nymphs for the foreseeable future. Steamers like Grand Master Flash, the Banjo Bugger, and Montana Mouth Wash have been producing some really great fish. Most have been taking on the slow twitch or swing. They want it in their face and do not want to chase. Slow down your retrieve and swing it a little. br>
The Nymph fishing has just been out of this world. As one well respected river guide says "Embrace the Girdle Bug". Anything with a dark body and rubber legs has been out producing any other technique 3 to 1. Fish these on a stout 1X leader 5-6 feet behind an indicator and get ready. If you want to switch it up try a San Juan, Prince, Formally Known As, or a Copper John all have been taking fish but the Girdle Bug is king. br>
The Hatch is Coming, The Hatch is coming!! The hatch of the season the Salmon Fly's is right around the corner. Many of the stone fly nymphs are starting their migration to the banks right now. This is why the fish are so keyed on the girdle bugs. We can expect to see adult salmon fly's sometime around the end of the month. I am sticking with my date of June 20 for bugs in the town stretch. We will keep you posted. In the meantime get out and catch a bunch of fish. There is relatively know body on the water and the fishing is really good. br>
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Madison River Fishing Report April 1, 2013

If I had two months a year to fish in Montana it would most certainly be April and October. The thing I like about April in Montana is the wide variety of outdoor activity. As I sit here in the shop watching Main Street, three trucks pulling drift boats just went by followed by three with skis on the roof and two pulling snowmobiles. Whatever you're outdoor vice is April is the month they all come together. r>
The fishing right now on the Madison is really good. Throw any stonefly nymph and San Juan combo 6 feet behind an indicator and get ready to get bent. It's that good. Our fist stone fly hatch of the year the kwala is just starting to make an appearance and the nymphs are migrating from the center of the river to the banks. Turn over a few rocks along the banks and your will find a handful of creepy looking stonefly nymphs getting ready to hatch. Our best luck has been with the speckled leg girdle bug in a tan body with speckled white and black legs. Try a size 8 on 3X. If you're not tapping the bottom every few casts add a little weight.

If the weather stays nice all those nymphs should start to hatch shortly. The fish will take notice and a guy can fish a dry stonefly with good success. Right now look for the soft water on the inside of bends and in the slick behind big rocks. Those rising right now will be to midges and any small midge pattern like the Hi Vis parachute will take them. If your floating try a small chubby with a green or tan body and hang a prince nymph dropper 2 feet.

On cloudy days look for hatches of blue winged olives. Little sailboat mayflies will get the fish looking up and prefer overcast days with some rain.

As the month rolls along keep a look out for the famed Mother's Day Caddis. Usually they start hatching when the water warms up around the first of May. Just prior to the hatch an olive caddis pupae in size 12-14 will get the job done.

Now is the time, get out and fish. There is lots of elbow room and the fishing is really good.

We are still running our Spring Float Trip Special of $300 full day guided float trips for two the entire month of April. Lots of folks taking advantage and catching some really nice fish.

Madison River Fishing Report for March 1

It's all about to start here on the Madison.

If you have been putting off that first fishing trip of the year now is the time to get out there. March can be a great month to fish and one can expect increasingly good fishing as the month rolls along. Temps above 50 degrees, longer days, hungry willing trout, and a little touch of cabin fever from the long winter all combine to make the spring our favorite time of the year to fish.

All those fine tippets and small flies of late summer are gone now you can almost use rope thick enough to anchor your drift boat. Start with 2X to the first fly of a large rubber legs stone fly nymph and follow behind with 3X to either a prince, copper john or pink san juan add water and your good to go.

Remember that the fish are still in their winter lies so spend more time in the deep slow stuff and less time in the fast riffles. The key this time of the year is getting it down to their level. If you are not tapping the bottom every other cast you are not in the game. Add a split shot either between the two flies or ahead of the first fly and try again. The fish are there and eager to eat they just need to see it at their level.

If you're looking for dry fly fishing keep an eye out for both Midges and Blue Winged Olives. These hatches should start around mid-month and will surely pull a few heads to the surface. Also keep an eye out for the Skwala and Nmora stone fly. These will start hatching here on the Madison sometime in March and once the fish see a few it is game on for the remainder of the spring season.

As always stop by the shop or give us a call for up to the second report. Also, lots of folks are taking advantage of the $300 Full Day Guided Spring Special. Some really good dates are still available between now and the end of April. Give us a call, save a few bucks and catch a few fish.


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Madison River February 2013 Fishing Report:

February 1, 2013

We are halfway into winter and our snow pack is in really good shape. We are sitting above average for the Madison River Basin and it is currently snowing. If we can maintain this we will be set up for another great year of fishing on the Madison.

Although February is the shortest month of the year it seems to take the longest here in the Madison. The reason being, good weather, great fishing and another busy season is right around the corner come March. That being said if you need to test out the new rod you received for Christmas or you just want to see if the old waders still hold water there are some really great fishing opportunities to be had but, you may need to pick your days.

Find a day with little or no wind and above freezing and you're in luck. Our best reports have been coming from the area between Hebgen and Quake Lake as well as below Ennis Lake at the head of the Beartrap Canyon all the way to 3 forks.

If you're headed between the lakes try nymphing standard midge stuff. Zebra midges, Brassies and Serendipity on a 4X leader with a bunch of lead. If that is not working try an egg pattern with a San Juan behind.

If your headed below Ennis Lake Crayfish imitations such as the Banjo Craw, TS Yuk Bug, Mohair Craw or a standard Brown Pats Rubber Legg all in size 8 followed by a Pink Paris Hilton Worm, or peach colored egg on a 3X tippet. The fish have been found in the standard winter water, slack and deep as well as the inside seams. Many of our guides have been fishing down there and really beating them up on these rigs.

Get out and fish on the good days and remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The fabulous spring fishing is a coming up fast. As always give a call or stop by the shop for the latest report.

January, Madison River Fishing Report:

Well it is finally 2013 and we are off to a new year on the Madison. Our snow pack is looking good as of right now and will hopefully continue that way for the remainder of the winter. If you are trying to scratch the itch and catch the first fish of the new year like I am, you are in luck. There is definitely good opportunity out there to catch a few fish.

I would suggest staying sub surface with the standard Madison bugs. I would try a large stone fly nymph with lots of rubber legs. A Pats, banjo bugger, or similar variety in brown, olive or black is a good lead fly. Behind it try either a pink, peach or green egg pattern in size 12. We have been having the best luck with the soft eggs as a trailer. The fish are keying on the remaining spawning whitefish and are devouring the eggs. Remember whitefish are broadcast spawners so there are lots of eggs floating around the Madison right now. If this does not work try the old winter stand-by of a pink San Juan worm. Also give your sub surface midge larva a shot as fish will be keying on these for the months to come. No need going super sneaky as a 3X tippet is plenty fine this time of year.

If you find a place where you are picking up a bunch of white fish you are in luck. Move directly downstream about 50 yards and you should be into the rainbows. Look for shallow gravely shelves about 2-3 feet deep.

The entire river is fishing but concentrate on likely spawning areas above Ennis in the channels to Varney and between the lakes. On warmer days when the wind is not blowing nuclear look for a few heads rising to midges in the slicks of rocks and in the soft inside seams on turns.

As always stop by the shop for the latest report and a hot cup of coffee.

Good fishing,


December 1, 2012

With hunting season finally over and Christmas fast approaching we can finally turn attention back to what is most important fishing. With the warmer weather we have been having as of late there are still some very real fish catching opportunities on the Madison.

If you need to scratch the itch and catch a few fish the river between Hebgen and Quake Lake may still be your best chance. We have been getting reports of people doing well with small egg patterns, red san juan worms and rubber legg stone fly nymphs. Fish these deep with the help of a little weight and and indicator on no less than a 4X tippet. There are still some really big fish in the system from the fall Brown Trout spawning season so meeting brother two foot is not out of the question.

Another good place to try would be the lower river below the Bear Trap Canyon. Try the old standby's rubber leg stone fly nymphs, and red San Juan but also try your winter midge larva patterns in red and pink. Keep your eyes out on warm days with no wind for a few heads looking for midges.

If you need to get out stop by the shop and grab a cup of coffee and we can point you in the right direction. We also have great Christmas specials. Not sure what to get the fisherman on your list try a Tackle Shop gift card. For every $50 gift card purchased before Christmas we will add an additional $10 to the certificate.

Most of all have fun and get out and fish.


October 1, 2012

Fall is here in full force. The leaves on the aspen and cottonwood are bright yellow, the river has cooled enough so that wet wading is not a great option unless you're a walrus, and the large angry brown trout have started their pre-spawning movement. All good signs if you're a fisherman on the Madison River.

We have been having better luck dredging up large angry brown trout between Varney Bridge and Ennis Lake lately than up above. We have been finding these fish everywhere from 2" of water right into those deep green bottomless holes below Varney. If the sun is out they have preferred a Zonker in size 6 dead drift, tight line, or twitched with a shiny bead head nymph trailing. If it is overcast they have preferred it on the strip and like more feather based streamers like the double screamer, or the original screamer. Olive sculpin patterns have also been flying out of the shop in the last week. These big bugs do not require any subtle tactics and 2X is usually the norm.

If you want to nymph you can stay bent most of the sunny afternoons on a pats rubber leg, and any beatis looking nymph. We have been selling lots of RS2, the wonder baetis, and panty dropper baetis. If the wind stays down and it is overcast look for a few risers in the slicks and any slack water. Also, the evening rise has been really good on standard parachute baetis patterns.

We have been getting almost summer like weather the past few weeks. If you believe the weatherman we are in for a change. This will mean good things for the fishing. If we get the overcast, rainy, snowy weather they are forecasting the streamer and Blue wing bit will be on. This could mean epic fishing in the next week to 10 days.

Get out and fish.


August 28, 2012

The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler and that is starting to drive the water temps down. Most days the water temps are staying in the normal range.

Nymphing and sub-surface has been the primary fish getter of late. Try a green or tan Pats below an indicator on 4X with a lightning bug, sparkle prince, or serendipity. Many of the fish are being caught in a lot more shallow water than a person expects.

Streamer fishing is either hit or miss. On cloudy days it can be very good. Sculpin patterns have been the major producer. Try a wool head, sculpzilla, pearl zonker, or Shelia in olive or black on a slow twitch or tight line from the bank. Throw a small bead head behind to double your chances. Some really big fish have been taken this way.

If a guy was going to fish dry try a small hopper either a pantie dropper, more or less or a small chubby with an ant trailer. The ants of late have been the ticket with the majority of the fish coming to a red Para humpy, power ant, Para-royal, or Para- ant. These need to be fished dead drift on 5X. Also, the drowned bead ant has been a guide's favorite. Fish this on 5X as a dropper and be ready for subtle takes.

Ennis on the Madison Fly Fishing Festival this weekend.

August 14, 2012

The Madison River continues to fish well especially in the mornings and evenings. If we end up getting the forecasted cool down the river should continue to fish all month.

Sporadic mayflies are hatching during the day especially in the morning before 11 am. A parachute adams, purple haze or purple rooster will take all lookers. Try it in a size 14 or 16 on at least 4X. There is a good spinner fall in the evenings if the wind is not a factor. Try an indicator spinner in size 16 on 5X with a long tippet.

There are still a few nocturnal stone fly's around so a chubby in size 10 will work during the day. Also try nymphing a green or tan pats during the heat of the day to imitate the nocturnal nymph. Trail a beaver hole special or lightning bug and you will stay bent all day.

There are a few hoppers around and fish have been eating smaller hopper imitations possibly as a stone fly during the mornings. Try trailing a red or black ant. The fish are eating the ant 2 to 1 over the hopper right now. Try a small parachute ant, power ant or our favorite the parachute royal as a searching pattern.

There has been a bunch of big fish being taken in the mornings on bunny fur. Try tight lining a shelia, olive sculpin, or zonker followed by a small nymph and get ready to catch the biggest fish of the day. Just throw it out there especially in the middle and let it hunt. Don't mend a little drag is key. Takes are usually violent and sudden.

Keep track of the water temps especially on hot days. Once the river hits 70 stop fishing until the evening. This should be less of an issue as nights are starting to get cooler and longer and the water temps should start to trend lower in the next week or so.

Get out and Fish! John

August 1, 2012

The fishing has stayed somewhat consistent even through the dog days we have been having. The flow on the river is great right now with more water than expected. PPL is trying to completely fill Ennis Lake so they are pushing water from Hebgen down river. This is an added bonus for us fisherman.

Hoppers and Ants: We have started to catch a few fish on hoppers in the last few days. Each day is seems like there are more and more hoppers on the river bank. Give this another week or so and it may be epic. If you want to fish terrestrials try a small size 12 foam hopper with a red ant behind for a searching rig. Fish this on 4X and concentrate away from the banks.

There is a good may fly hatch each morning and a parachute adams, para-rooster or purple haze will take all risers in a size 14 or 16. You can continue to fish this through the day as the fish continue to look for it. We have been having good luck with a royal parachute in size 16.

There are still a few nocturnal stone fly's around. Try a large size 10 or 8 golden in the morning mostly in the big riffles and center of the river. This has been producing a few really big fish.

Caddis are still a force on the river. Try fishing pupae all day, emerger starting at 5P.M. and dry's sometime after 7. We have been having the most luck on the royal caddis dry and the G6 emerger both fished on 4X.

Nymphing has continued to be the bread and butter at least for the heat of the day. Try a large size 4 pats rubber leg or zonker as your lead fly on a 3X tippet. Follow this with a lightning bug, lucent, or batman and fish down the center of the river. The fish are definitely in the heavier water this time of year so get it down and they will eat it.

Our best fishing has been between 6 A.M. and say 1 P.M. and then again after 7. Typical mid-summer schedule.

Get out and fish. Check out our Facebook for up to the minute river changes and weekly NET-FLIX video's.

July 27, 2012

Mid-Summer on the Madison River:

With all the heat we have been having the Madison has maintained a good flow level and somewhat cool water temps. Temps can push up near the 70 degree mark on the really hot afternoons but each clear cloudless night cools the river off to 61 in the morning. The rains showers have given a nice little boost to the river and fishing.

In the morning you will see swarms of Trico's over the river bank. The fish have not keyed on these small insects. About 9:30 you will notice a bunch of larger size 14 mayflies and the fish have really been keying on them. Try a parachute adams, purple haze or parachute pheasant tail and you will score on most of the fish looking up. Run this on a 5X tippet to get a good drift.

The spruce moth thing is just now getting going. We caught some fish on spruce moth patterns the other morning on the upper river and it is going gang buster in the Bear Trap. Look for these light grey to white moths on the banks. They occasionally fall into the water and the fish will look for them. We expect this to only get better in the next week or two. Try a parachute spruce moth, or large Goddard caddis as well as a small chubby or fat Albert with a pink to orange body to imitate the spruce moth.

Hoppers have yet to make a big impact on the Madison fish. There are getting to be some small hoppers along the green riverbank. The country off the riverbank is really dry so it is just a matter of time till the concentrations of hoppers get high enough along to river for the fish to take notice. Give it another week and things could change.

For someone wanting to go sub-surface an indicator with 6-7 feet of leader and a lightning bug, small red copper john, serendipity, or any flashy P-tail imitation will take fish during the heat of the day. Try a zonker or other small streamer followed by a lightning bug and dead drift or drag it to wake them up mid-day.

Caddis are still a force in the evening. Try emerger starting at 5 pm and dry's after the sun comes off the water. An X-Caddis or Dancing caddis is a good searching pattern any time.

Stop in or check out our FACEBOOK page for the latest and some great underwater Net-Flix videos.

July 17, 2012

Summer on the Madison River. With the afternoon rain and clouds we have been seeing lately the river has stayed cool and fishing well. Even if it is uncomfortable for the fisherman the afternoon showers are a god send to the Madison valley and the river.

Stoneflies are still a good option and a guide's favorite. Try either nymphing a golden stone nymph or a green Pats Rubber leg in size 10 with a Psyco prince, sparkle prince, or lightning bug behind on 4X and you will stay bent. Switch it up to a G6 caddis emerger in the evening around 4pm and you will take advantage of the emerging caddis.

If you are getting no love from the river try dead drifting a small streamer like a #10 zonker or shelia with a bead head flash back hares ear behind. Also, try swinging this rig out from the bank on a tight line and get ready. Strikes are sudden and violent.

For the guys looking to cast dry fly's. Try a chubby in peach or flesh color or a fat frank in size 10-12 and hang a psyco prince or copper john behind. These have been a good choice for the heat of the day. The nocturnal stone has been hatching and the fish are looking for them big time. Keep an eye out in the rocks or on the bushes for these summer nocturnal stones. There are not many of them compared to the Salmon Fly's but the when they are around the fish search them out like candy bars from heaven.

Look for mayflies during the morning and a standard parachute adams, purple haze or parachute p-tail is a good option for a searching pattern and will take all risers.

If you're out in evening the caddis has been making a big impression on the fish. Look for emergers around 4-5 pm and the main hatch starting at 7pm. A tan elk hair caddis, royal caddis, or X-caddis will usually take any players. If you are having a tough time try an elk hair with a CDC emerger behind with about a foot of 5X.

The Madison River is fishing really great so get out and take advantage of it. Stop in or check out the website, www.thetackleshop.com for day to day reports.

July 10, 2012

The Madison River is still fishing really well even in the heat of summer. The great fishing that started sometime around April continues into July. We are experiencing a great year to fish the Madison. On any given day stoneflies, caddis and mayflies will all be on the water at the same time.

Caddis is the king of summer on the Madison and this summer is no exception. Daily hatches of caddis will bring fish to the surface morning and evening. Try and X- Caddis or an elk hair caddis in size 14 on a 4X tippet during the morning or evening hours and you are sure to get bent. Try the same rig as a searching pattern during the day. If you see really splashy rises the fish are taking emerging caddis. Try a soft hackle or other emerger and put a little movement on it. The emerger has been our key to success the last few days.

There has been a smaller mayfly emerging during the mornings especially if we get a few clouds. If you see a few of these sailboats floating by try a size 14 parachute Adams, purple haze or parachute pheasant tail on 4X. When there are mayfly's around the fish tend to prefer them over the caddis and a parachute makes a great searching pattern.

There are still a few golden and yellow sally stone flies around and the fish are still keyed into them especially in the morning. Try a yellow sally or small parachute madam X on 4X and drop a small nymph off the back. Keep a look out on the bushes and rocks for nocturnal golden. These hatch and are active at night but the fish are continually on the lookout for them.

During the heat of the day nymphing is the key to staying bent. Try a small golden stone nymph with a psyco prince, batman, lightning bug or caddis pupae behind. Fish these with no split shot and 5 feet from an indicator. You can still get away with 3X to the first bug. Concentrate on the deeper water in the center of the river and any green colored buckets.

It does not get any better than this summer fishing on the Madison so get out and fish.

June 27, 2012

The Madison is still fishing well and the big bugs of early summer are still around. The main Salmon Fly Hatch has now progressed upstream and you can expect to see them anywhere from Varney to Windy Point. The summer golden stone has been coming on strong behind the salmon fly and our better luck is with a smaller salmon or golden. We have been fishing Dog Puke, bullet heads and Para-madam X orange with great success. The fish are still willing to eat on a thicker tippet and 3X to the first bug has been the norm. Try dropping either a caddis emerger or yellow Sallie nymph behind.

You will be most successful during the heat of the day nymphing a stone fly nymph and a yellow Sallie nymph. We like Kyle's Golden in size 10 or a Peacock Double Bead stonefly with a Psyco Prince Yellow or Robin as a trailer. We have been having the most luck fishing these with no additional weight and about 6 feet of leader from the indicator.

It would not be summer without Caddis and they are making a huge impression on the fish. Late evenings or early mornings the fish have been keying on Caddis big time. Try a standard elk hair caddis or a Thunder dome with a G6 emerger or other soft hackle behind it.

Our best fishing the past few days has been either from daylight till about 11 in the morning then again after 7pm. The bright sun and nuclear wind has been making it tough for fisherman and fish both. The Caddis hatches in the evening have been epic starting around 7pm when the wind dies down. They will still look for the caddis or the emerger especially in the morning and somewhat most of the day so it is always a good bet to try. The fish have moved off the banks and into their summer positions. Look for them in knee to waist deep riffles out from the bank and mid river has been producing big time.

June 19, 2012

Its Salmon Fly time on the Madison River!

The bug, the myth the legend the elusive salmon fly is making its yearly appearance on the Madison River. Good numbers of bugs have been spotted in the channels section of the Madison River below the Ennis Town Bridge. A few have been spotted upstream of the bridge. Remember it takes two to make an official hatch.

As this hatch progresses slowly upstream you will encounter mind blowing dry fly fishing at the peak of the emergence. Upstream from the point of the main hatch plan on fishing stonefly nymphs tight to the bank as the fish are keying on the migrating insects staging to hatch. If you are below the main hatch keep fishing a dry as the fish have pattern hang over for several weeks and will still be looking for these T-Bones from heaven. Also remember the golden stones will hatch at the same time and following the Salmon Fly's so try a golden stone pattern. Frequently the fish will switch over to the more abundant goldens shortly after the salmon flies are gone.

If you happen to hit the main hatch fish a Cat Puke, Dog Vomit, Dark Night, or any other floating orange imitation on a good stout leader of 7 foot 3X. You will need something this short to easily turn over the big fly. Also try a Keller's Floaty Bitch Salmon behind your dry as a sunken salmon fly.

Like a Yeti sighting the Salmon Fly hatch doesn't last long and can sometimes be elusive to find. Stop in the shop or give us a call and we can help you out on what to fish and where the hatch has progressed.


It is a great time to be in Ennis and on the Madison River. The river has been dropping and clearing the past few days and has turned the happy bugger green color. The fishing is good now and only going to get better over the next few weeks.

Lately, we have been in streamer madness. The bigger the better especially on cloudy overcast days. Some days they want the black and some days they want the olive. We have been having luck with Powell's Bunny Sculpin, wool head sculpin and sculpin buggers. These are all size 4 or 6 and need to be fished on no less than 2X. Fish have preferred the slow twitch to any other retrieve method.

The fish have been hanging mostly in the slower softer water next to the banks and in the eddy and slicks behind big boulders.

If the streamer thing does not work for you try a Madison River happy meal combo of Pats brown rubber leg in a size 6 and a pink San Juan trailer. The salmon fly nymphs are starting to migrate to the bank in preparation to hatch and the fish have really taken notice. Also keep your eye open for a few risers way down the slicks behind rocks. If you see them a standard Parachute Adams will usually get them to eat.

We are getting into the best time of year to fish the Madison River. The salmon flies are coming and we will have great water conditions this year to f

May 28, 2012

If you're in to fishing sub surface the Madison River is fishing about as well right now as you are going to see it all season. For those of you who were brave enough to go out and fish the last few days in the rain, wind, and snow you know what I mean.

The ticket to success right now at least on the upper river below Lyons Bridge has been pick a stone fly nymph with rubber legs, add a San Juan worm of your favorite color, hit the wet spot and mend. We have been fishing the Pats rubber leg or an old school black girdle bug in size 4 or 6 on a 2X tippet with a size 10 pink or red San Juan worm behind and just having great success all day. We have been fishing it dead drift except in the slow slicks or anywhere there is a break in the current where we have been twitching.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon stripping and twitching the biggest black streamers we can cast with great success and several large fish. If the action slows down on the nymphs tie on a streamer that resembles a half a chicken and go to work. Check out the picture of one of our guides Mike Elliot with a nice streamer brown.

Also yesterday while floating near the Sun West Ranch we ran into this great Grizzly bear and cub along the river. Remember these big critters are out and about and along the river corridor this time of year. If your wade fishing packing bear spray is not a bad idea.

This window to great fishing on the Madison River is going to close with the next few warm days. This will bring all the new snow and the existing snow pack down and again muddy up the river. We expect this to be relatively short lived and nothing like last year. We should see good fishable water and the elusive Salmon Fly's by the 22 of June.

We are getting new products from Orvis, Simms, Korkers and others daily so stop in the shop and get all the gear you need for the season.

Get out and Fish.


May 18, 2012

Opening day on the Madison River is tomorrow and the river is not in that great of shape. A week of well above average temps has started the runoff and snow melt and all of the smaller creeks are pumping something like Yoohoo. We will by no means see the epic runnoff that we had last year at this time. We just do not have near the snow up high. Today has been rainy and cool and some of the clarity has come back into the river but not much. I check the river under the Ennis bridge a half hour ago and there is almost a foot of clairity.

If you are headed out for the opening day of the Upper Madison River bring plenty of big uglies with rubber leggs and a pound of split shot. I would suggest a black yuk bug or rubber legg with white leggs. They really look for the black and white combo when the water is off color. Pitch them up near the bank and anywhere there is slower water. Also don't forget the worm. San Juan can be a big player during spring fishing. We like the fire truck red with the wire body or the pink.

The color of the lower Madison is slightly better as the mud line has yet to make it across Ennis Lake. We are living on borrowed time down there. I expect the off color water to hit the lower Madison in the next 24 hours. Lately sub serface stuff has been the ticket and the dry's are hit and miss. We have been having luck with Tackle Shop Yuk bugs twitched off the transition between shallow and deep water. These look just like a crayfish and drive the fish nuts. I have had a run in the shop of guys looking for cray fish imitations but still the best is the TS Yuk Bug. The large Yellow Psyco Prince has been getting its share of lower river fish recently. Try dead drift in a size 12 on a 4X and you should be in business.

With the snow coming out fast we are looking at a short and sweet runoff. We are expecting a early salmon fly hatch. Our magic 8 ball says June 22 is the day for Salmon Fly's on the upper river.

As your heading up the river keep in mind the power of high water. Each year people do not respect it and get in trouble this time of year especially in boats. Be safe out there. We are in for a great fishing season and an accident this early will just ruin it.

Stop by the shop on your way fishing and check out some of the new fly's, Simms, Korkers and Dan Baily products.

Get out and Fish


May 4, 2012

With the winter weather on tap for the weekend today is the day to get out and fish the Madison River. The weather experts are saying that they expect snow about 5000 starting tonight and lasting right till Saturday night.

The Madison River is in great shape to fish right now. The best fishing found is on the lower river from the Bear Trap right on downstream. The Mothers day caddis hatch is in full swing and there are lots of heads looking up. We have been having best luck with a soft hackle emerger in the morinings and early afternoons. Try a size 14 hot wire caddis, or just a strait peacock soft hackle. The real key is movement. As the fly passes you lift your rod time so the nymph raises in the water like an emerging caddis. Takes are sudden so I would suggest 4X tippet. Once you start to see some fish looking up try a peacock caddis or mothers day olive caddis in a size 14 and hang a soft hacke behind it. There has been good fish looking up on all afternoons and evenings when the wind is not nuclear.

If your up for the upper river the same old game applies. Try a girdle bug in size 4 and get it down with some lead. Also getting fish is the copper john and the one and only san juan worm. Fishing has slowed on the upper river in the last day or so. We are seeing a few caddis and some BWO's. We expect in the next week after this short shot of winter weather the the fishing on the upper will again rebound as more caddis start to hatch.

If your not into fishing in the snow this weekend stop by the shop for a cup of coffee and check out the new fishing products from Orvis, korkers and Simms or attend the Lyons club auction on Saturday.

Get out and Fish>


April 27, 2012

With the warm almost summer like weather of last week and significant rains the Madison River flows have increase significantly. Places like the west fork of the Madison are now pumping water that more resembles a Yoohoo than a trout stream.

Fishing above town has slowed down considerably. If you are going to go try a black and white rubber legg girdle bug in a size 4 and get it down there with some lead. This has been getting mixed results the past few days.

The better fishing right now is down below the Bear Trap on the lower Madison river. The Mothers day caddis hatch is in full swing. As of yesterday the water was a dark green shade and rising fish in the late afternoon and evening were the norm. If the water stays the same shade this is only going to get better in the next few days.

If you want to go sub surface during the moring and early afternoon try a size 14 bead head hot wire caddis emerger in the hot green color. Fish this on a size 4X and give it some motion as the fish are looking for the emerging and rising caddis. There should be some heads looking up starting about 3 in the afternoon. The standard olive mothers day caddis in the X-Caddis will work just fine.

The weather for the next few days looks like more of the same with colder temps, rain and snow levels dropping. This will improve the color of the water but the colder temps will drastically decrease the number of hatching caddis. Still your best bet in this area right now.

Stop by or give the shop a call for the up to the second report. Also stop by and check out the new products from Simms and Korkers.

Get out and Fish.


April 19, 2012

Come Check out the Madison River:

Right now the Madison River is fishing great. With the warm temps forcasted for the weekend it looks like just the time to scratch that fishing itch you have had all spring. The good folks who control the dam bumped flows about 100 cfs yesterday and put the fishing off for a day or so but by the weekend it should be game on. The rainbows are getting ready to spawn and are stacking up in knee deep riffles between town and Storey Ditch.

The same old stuff is working great. Try a green pats rubber legg in size 6 on a 4X tippet and you will be into Madison River fish most of the day. Try a purple prince dropper off this rig and double your pleasure. The purple prince in size 14 has been getting its share of fish recently. Also try smaller stone patterns as well as Copper Johns, prince nymphs and the dreaded san juan worm will all get your bent.

I have had several folks come in the shop in the last week with pictures and stories of big fish on dry's. All have been fishing skwala patterns and have the pictures to prove their story. They report not many fish rising to the parachute skwala but the fish that do come BIG! If you get tired of the indicator and nymph game try a size 10 parachute skwala. You may just get the biggest fish of the day.

Stop by the shop and check out some of the new inventory from Simms, Orvis and some of the new bugs we have in stock. The coffee is always on.

Get out and fish this weekend it is going to be as beautiful as you can find it for April on the Madison River

April 7, 2012

The Madison is fishing Great!

The Madison River is fishing great right now. Everything from Ennis bridge up to the Mcatee bridge is fishing good. Start your day with the standard spring nymph rig of a pats rubber legg and either a san juan worm or a large copper john. The green Pats has been the ticket for the past few days. We have several reports of fish eating dry skwalla imitations in the afternoons. Try a bullet head or parachute skwalla on non windy days in the afternoon. Several large fish have been caught on drys the past few days. Floating is the best option but remember to get out of the boat and fish the good stuff. The rainbows are in the pre spawn stage and are colored up and activelly feeding. All the fish have wintered well and are in good shape.

If your up for a drive try between the lakes. The fish are moving up from Quake lake to spawn and are really stacking up in this section. Up there the hot fly has been a midge larva. Fish these dead drift under an indicator. Try a three dollar dip, zebra midge or any other sparse midge and get ready to get bent. The only problem is you will not be alone up there.

Stop by the shop and get the latest and hottest nymphs and skwala imitations along with a cup of coffee.

Remember the river between Mcatee and Quake is closed right now.

Get out and fish it does not get much better.


March 15, 2012

Spring is here in Montana and the trout fishing is starting to look up. We have been getting good reports from the lower Madison River below the Bear Trap Canyon. Fish a Pats Rubber Legg Nymph with a San Juan or egg trailer and concentrate on the deeper water. If that does not work try a Copper John or P-Tail in the size 14 range. The bug you are fishing does not matter as much as your persistence this time of year. If you are in fishy water and down near the bottom, keep showing it to them and they will eat it. The big question for the past week is how hard the wind is going to blow. Try to find a day where the wind is at reasonable levels-a daunting task lately.

Stop in the shop for a cup of coffee before or after your trip and we will get you up to date on all the latest reports.

Good luck and get out and fish. 


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