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5 Nymphs for Late Winter or Early Spring Fishing

Late Winter and Early Spring can be a great time to  get out and fish.  Make sure these 5 nymphs are in your box when you go.  

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February Fishing on the Madison

While February is the shortest month it usually feels like it takes forever. It is the month football ends and that weekly ritual most of us have had is now gone and we are looking to start something new. 

February Madison River Newsletter

Our February Madison River Newsletter

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A look ahead to November.

While most of the outdoor activities this time of year revolve around one question “ Did you get your elk yet?” the savvy fisherman knows this might just be a great time to land a really large fish.

Montana weather is crazy. The second half of September and the first few weeks of October were below normal in temps and even the first permanent snow on the mountains. Now we are in what many call extended Indian summer with highs in the 50’s. If this weather pattern continues it means two things. First hunters are going to angry and second, fisherman will love it. Our extended autumn has given us a bonus season. 

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Transitional times
The cool nip that holds in the morning air from the night before is lasting longer these days.  Drives into work reminds us that shorter days and longer nights are on the horizon.   A full moon in the recent past and soon the above mentioned transitions should reset the fishes clocks into the power hours of feeding. September is a time of year many look forward to for the veracious appet..
Oh September!

Oh September what a glorious month it is to be on the Madison and in Montana. The first chill of fall, leaves of gold, cooler days and nights, and fish that are re-energized. If a person could only spend one week fishing the Madison each year and wanted good fishing, stable water and great views mid September would be hard to beat. 

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Dog days and tiny treats.
With the month of August rolling through we have had good reports of Callibaetis and Trico's out on the lake.  If you seek a little more movement in your fly line than the still water pursuit the upper Madison has been producing well and good news if you are planning on hitting the river this week flows bounced back with a little more volume and should stay that way for a couple of days befor..
With each passing day through the heart of August
With each passing day through the heart of August the question we get at the shop the most is what access point has the most hopper's.  Good news bad news is I have yet to hear about one specific section of the river having the banks loaded up with hopper's, but everyday I hear reports of the fish taking hopper's.  They are out there just a little distance up the hill with wandering inse..
Crawling or hopping into August?
Standing on the banks of the river in shorts well quickly bring a reminder of the progress ant colonies have made this summer.  August is officially upon us and for me it has always signaled a time to look to the shrubs and grass before the seine net.  Yes there are ants along the rivers edge and some patterns have been effective but what is more tantalizing is a coworker's first hand ex..
A Madison river destination
Being my first season here in the Madison Valley there are several things that I am impressed with.  Whether it be the sheer number of insects in one of the intense hatches or how many different hatches you well see going on at the same time.  It is also amazing to see all of the people dedicated to finding trout on a fly come through town.  Whe..
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